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Marklin 39242 Pre-order

Charlie Cyber Week Sale


Marklin 3-rail Sale


Bavarian class S 2/6 Express Train Set

Starter Set Freight Train BR 74

Set of 2 locomotives Ee3/3

Class S 2/6 Steam Express Locomotive

Marklin Toy Fair Locomotive BR 10

Bavarian State Railways Class EG 2x2/2 Electric Locomotive; Era II

Schenker Rail Tank 6-Car Set

DB Stake 2-Car Set w/Brewery Tanks

Ore Car Set Arbed (5 cars)

Two class Okmm 38 flat cars with containers


Brawa 3-rail (for Marklin)

Electric Locomotive E77

Steam Locomotive KWStE T3

Steam locomotive BR 15

Steam Locomotive S2/6 K.Bay.Sts.B.

Steam locomotive T5 1203 K.W.St.E. (AC Digital Sound)

Steam locomotive BR 75.0 DB

Steam Locomotive BR 75.0 DRG (Digital)

Steam Locomotive BR 75.0 DRG (Digital Sound)

Steam locomotive BR 13 DRG (Digital)

Steam Locomotive BR 19.1 (digital sound)

Railcar 245 DB (Digital Sound)


Ugly Box Deals

Ugly box means just that, an outer box with a tear, rip, mark stain or whatever. We are going through our large inventory to find you some awesome deals. Some items have long been sold out! If you care more about the boxes than the trains, pass on these offers. If you want a very good bargain, and a brand new, undamaged, perfect locomotive or car with full factory warranty and do not care about the box, keep checking here what we have to offer, it will change daily.
Do not hesitate, on some of these items we will only have one or two, and it will be first come first serve, and only while our supplies last:

Marklin Ugly Box Sale

Local Train with BR 23 - ugly box

Train Set Makies, Gettnau, Switzerland

Switch Engine El 10 (Norway)

Angel Trains Cargo class 28 Locomotive (Belgium)

Electric Locomotive BR 185.2 Schenker

Diesel Locomotive NoHAB MY 1100

Steam Locomotive with Tender BR 659

Steam Locomotive class 63a - ugly box

Diesel Locomotive BR 216 Lollo (Exclusiv - Sound)

Steam Locomotive BR 042 096-8 Oil (no sound)

TEE Electric Locomotive 40100

Bi-Level Car Set DDM (sold out at factory)

Commuter Car Set Silberling

Auto Transport Car Set

Freight Car Set Schenker

Freight Locomotive with a Tender BR 41

Steam Tank Locomotive Marklin Magazin


Trix Ugly Box Items

Powered Observation Rail Car

Diesel Powered Rail Car with a Trailer Car

Electric Locomotive Litra 119 CargoNet

Express Train Steam Locomotive with a Tender



Roco Clearance Sale

Steam Locomotive class 18.1

Diesel locomotive class BR 142

Joseph Haydn Gysev DC Digital Taurus Locomotive

Electric locomotive class BR 141

Electric Locomotive BR 140 of the DB

Electric Locomotive Series Ae 4/6

BR V 36 Diesel locomotive

BR V 36 Diesel locomotive


Marklin Christmas

Class 01 Steam Locomotive Christmas

H0 Christmas Car for 2018

Christmas Starter Set 120 volt (same as 81709)

Christmas Starter Set. 120 Volts


Mobile Stations
We carry a large inventory of Marklin in our store, ready to ship quickly to your door!

Authorized Factory Direct

Ajckids is proud to be a factory authorized direct dealer for all the major brands, including Marklin, Trix, LGB, Brawa, Roco, Fleischmann, Faller and Hobbytrain.




We are also a designated Marklin Premium 1-gauge dealer!

Marklin Tips

Are you interested in upgrading your Marklin locomotives to digital? This Marklin Motor Conversions for Digital page will help you.

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