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Ajckids is proud to be a factory authorized direct dealer for all the major brands, including Marklin, Trix, LGB, Brawa, Roco, Fleischmann, Faller and Hobbytrain.




We are also a designated Marklin Premium 1-gauge dealer!

Marklin new items 2018

The Marklin new items H0-Scale 2018.

Marklin new items Z-scale 2018.

Marklin 2018 New Items Catalog
Marklin 2018 New Items

Marklin New 2018 Download (PDF)

Marklin Novedades 2018 (PDF)

Marklin Nouveautés 2018 (PDF)

Marklin Nieuws 2018 (PDF)

BRAWA new items 2018

Brawa new items H0-scale 2018

Brawa new items N-scale 2018

Brawa New Items 2018
Brawa New 2018 Download Here (PDF)

Trix new items 2018

Trix new items H0-scale 2018

Trix new items N-scale 2018

Trix New Items 2018
Trix News 2018 Download (PDF)

LGB new items 2018

LGB 2018 New Items Catalog download here

Marklin Extension Sets

Marklin 24900

Marklin 24900 C-1 track extension set

Marklin 24902

Marklin 24902 C-2 track extension set

Marklin 24903

Marklin 24903 C-3 track extension set

Marklin 24904

Marklin 24904 C-4 track extension set

Marklin Summer New Items

Pre-orders are now accepted!

Marklin Summer 2018 New Items H0-Scale

Marklin Summer 2018 New Items Z-Scale

Marklin Summer 2018 New Items 1-Gauge

Marklin H0 Sets

Marklin 29245

Marklin 29245 Starter set with Mobile Station. Our best selling starter set!

Marklin 78752

Marklin 78752 Fire extension set

Marklin 78452

Marklin 78452 container extension set

Mobile Stations
We carry a large inventory of Marklin in our store, ready to ship quickly to your door!

Marklin Tips

Are you interested in upgrading your Marklin locomotives to digital? This Marklin Motor Conversions for Digital page will help you.

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Marklin 23302 Elevated Railroad Plastic Track Extension Set
Marklin 23303 Plastic Track Crossing (2)
Marklin 26609 Passenger Train with a Freight Car
Marklin 26613 Class mP 3000 Postal System Electric Powered Rail Car
Marklin 26614 800 Years of Rostock Train Set
Marklin 26928 1928 Rheingold Train Set-highly limited
Marklin 26983 Rheingold Offshoot Train- Train Set
Marklin 29051 Double Train Digital Starter Set
Marklin 29306 TGV Starter Set
Marklin 29307 Airport Express – Elevated Railroad Starter Set
Marklin 29334 Italian Express Train Starter Set
Marklin 29335 Swiss Express Train Starter Set
Marklin 30470 Class 44 - "Final Edition" Double Set
Marklin 30760 Class ETA 150 Rail Car with Control Car
Marklin 36180 Vectron Class 193 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 36197 Class 170 electric locomotive Schenker
Marklin 36198 Class 475 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 36202 Skoda Typ 109 E Class 102 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 36203 Class 380 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 36351 Class Ue Electric Switch Engine (telex)
Marklin 36353 Class Ee 3/3 Halbschuh / Casual Shoe Electric Switch Engine
Marklin 36432 Class 232 Heavy Diesel Locomotive
Marklin 36635 Class 487 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 36637 Class 147 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 36639 Class E 186 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 37009 Class 212 Diesel Locomotive
Marklin 37018 Class S 2/6 Steam Express Locomotive
Marklin 37026 Class Litra T 297 Steam Locomotive with a Tender
Marklin 37118 Class C Express Locomotive with a Tender
Marklin 37209 Class G 2000 BB Vossloh Diesel Locomotive
Marklin 37215 Class G 2000 BB Vossloh Diesel Locomotive
Marklin 37216 Class G 2000 BB Vossloh Diesel Locomotive
Marklin 37277 Class 59 Diesel Locomotive
Marklin 37326 Class Re 620 Heavy Electric Locomotive X-Rail
Marklin 37339 Class BB 12000 Bugeleisen / Flat Iron Electric Locomotive
Marklin 37351 Class Re 4/4 II Electric Locomotive LGB
Marklin 37426 Class 114 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 37444 Class E 44 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 37447 Class 146.5 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 37454 Class 45 Heavy Freight Steam Locomotive with a Tender
Marklin 37487 Class ET 87 Electric Powered Rail Car Train
Marklin 37511 Class De 6/6 Seetal Crocodile Electric Locomotive
Marklin 37517 Class 82 Steam Freight Locomotive
Marklin 37797 TGV POS Duplex V 150 High-Speed Train
Marklin 37806 Class V 200.0 Diesel Locomotive
Marklin 37861 Class V 60 Diesel Switch Engine
Marklin 37872 Class 193 Electric Freight Locomotive
Marklin 37898 Class 50 Steam Freight Locomotive 25 years Insider only
Marklin 37949 Class 03 Passenger Steam Locomotive with a Tender
Marklin 39005 Express Steam Locomotive with a Tender, Road Number 01 202
Marklin 39044 Class 42 Heavy Steam Freight Locomotive with a Tub-Style Tender
Marklin 39045 Class 42 Heavy Steam Freight Locomotive with a Tub-Style Tender
Marklin 39046 Heavy Steam Freight Locomotive with a Tub-Style Tender
Marklin 39236 Class 23.0 Passenger Steam Locomotive with a Tender
Marklin 39251 Class C 5/6 Elephant Steam Locomotive with a Tender
Marklin 39364 Class Ae 6/6 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 39395 Class 39 Passenger Steam Locomotive
Marklin 39622 F7 Diesel Electric Locomotive Coca Cola
Marklin 41354 Palatine Railroad Express Train Passenger Car Set
Marklin 42104 Wurttemberg Type BCCI Passenger Car
Marklin 42122 Wurttemberg Baggage Car
Marklin 42133 Wurttemberg Type CCI Passenger Car
Marklin 42134 Wurttemberg Type CCI Passenger Car
Marklin 42144 Wurttemberg Type C4 Passenger Car
Marklin 42149 Wurttemberg Medical Car
Marklin 42155 Express Train Passenger Car
Marklin 42156 Express Train Passenger Car
Marklin 42157 Express Train Passenger Car
Marklin 42234 Hecht / Pike Express Train Passenger Car, 1st Class
Marklin 42254 Hecht / Pike Express Train Passenger Car, 2nd Class
Marklin 42255 Hecht / Pike Express Train Passenger Car, 2nd Class
Marklin 42264 Hecht / Pike Express Train Baggage Car
Marklin 42292 Wurttemberg Mail Car
Marklin 42904 Car Set with 3 Express Train Passenger Cars (lights)
Marklin 43212 Schürzenwagen / Skirted Passenger Car, 1st Class
Marklin 43213 Schurzenwagen / Skirted Passenger Car, 1st/2nd Class
Marklin 43214 Schurzenwagen / Skirted Passenger Car, 2nd Class
Marklin 43362 Lightweight Steel Passenger Car, 2nd Class
Marklin 43372 Lightweight Steel Passenger Car, 3rd Class
Marklin 43382 Lightweight Steel Passenger Car, 3rd Class
Marklin 43392 Lightweight Steel Type Dr4 Dining Car
Marklin 43402 Lightweight Steel Baggage Car
Marklin 43411 Lightweight Steel Cab Control Car, 1st/2nd Class
Marklin 43481 IC2 Bi-Level Intermediate Car, 1st Class
Marklin 43482 IC2 Bi-Level Intermediate Car, 2nd Class
Marklin 43483 IC2 Bi-Level Cab Control Car, 2nd Class
Marklin 43484 Bi-Level Intermediate Car
Marklin 43485 IC2 Bi-Level Intermediate Car, 2nd Class
Marklin 43573 Passenger Train Theme Extension Set
Marklin 43650 Gotthard Panorama Express Train Passenger Car Set
Marklin 44216 Refrigerator Car
Marklin 44450 HSB Fire Extinguishing Water Car LGB
Marklin 44534 Glass Tank Car for 25 Years of Insider Membership
Marklin 44737 Building Block Car with Light Building Blocks
Marklin 45025 Beer Car Engel, Crailsheim
Marklin 45685 Freight Car Set with Two American Refrigerator Cars
Marklin 45686 Freight Car Set with Two American Refrigerator Cars
Marklin 45708 Coca Cola Caboose
Marklin 46028 Freight Car Set for the Class 45 Steam Locomotive
Marklin 46053 Type Om 21 High Side Gondola with a Brakemans Cab
Marklin 46054 Type Om 21 High Side Gondola with a Brakemans Platform
Marklin 46055 Gattung Set with 5 Type P Freight Cars
Marklin 46058 Type Omm 55 Gondola
Marklin 46230 Type OOt Saarbrücken / Erz IId Hopper Car Set with 12 Cars
Marklin 46539 EVA Standard Design Tank Car
Marklin 46567 Freight Car set for Marklin 39567 Insider 2018
Marklin 46871 Type Shimms Telescoping Cover Car Set
Marklin 46873 Freight Car Set with Three Telescoping Cover Cars
Marklin 46984 Type Pwgs 41 Freight Train Baggage Car
Marklin 47060 Type Rilns Sliding Tarp Car
Marklin 47066 Type Sgnss Container Transport Car
Marklin 47067 KLV-Tragwagen-Set Combined Load Transport Car Set
Marklin 47068 Type Res Low Side Car with MB Serval trucks
Marklin 47097 Type Sgnss Container Transport Car
Marklin 47218 Sliding Tarp Car Set
Marklin 47221 Set with 3 Type Shimmns Sliding Tarp Cars
Marklin 47459 Type Sgnss Container Transport Car
Marklin 47800 K-Line Evergreen Double Container Transport Car
Marklin 47801 Capital Hapag-Lloyd Double Container Transport Car
Marklin 47802 Double Container Transport Car
Marklin 47803 Maersk Double Container Transport Car
Marklin 47946 Heavy oil tank car
Marklin 48013 Two Type Hbbillns Sliding Wall Boxcars
Marklin 48071 Easter Car for 2018
Marklin 48118 H0 Museum Car Set for 2018
Marklin 48168 Insider H0 Annual Car for 2018
Marklin 48488 Set with 3 Wascosa Pressurized Gas Tank Cars
Marklin 48695 Heavy-Duty 4 Flat Car Set for the Class 193
Marklin 48746 Heavy-Duty Flat Car with German Army Marder tank
Marklin 48747 Heavy-Duty Flat Car with German Army Marder tank
Marklin 48748 Heavy-Duty Flat Car with German Army Leopard Tank
Marklin 48780 Beer Refrigerator Car Oranjeboom
Marklin 48793 Heavy-Duty Flat Car with German Army Leopard Tank
Marklin 48794 Heavy-Duty Flat Car with German Army Fuchs
Marklin 48797 Heavy-Duty Flat Car with German Army MAN 10t GL truck
Marklin 48832 Two Oppeln Box Cars
Marklin 48933 Hirt Beer Car
Marklin 48934 Container Transport Car Gmundner Milk
Marklin 49570 Ardelt 57 Metric Ton Steam Crane
Marklin 70362 Vr 0 / Vr 1 Distant Signal
Marklin 70382 Vr 0 / Vr 1 / Vr 2 Distant Signal
Marklin 70393 Hp 0 / Hp 1 Home Signal with a Narrow Mast
Marklin 70394 Hp 0 / Hp 1 Home Signal with a Lattice Mast
Marklin 70413 Hp 0 / Hp 1 / Hp 2 Home Signal with a Narrow Mast
Marklin 70414 Hp 0 / Hp 1 / Hp 2 Home Signal with a Lattice Mast
Marklin 70422 Sh 0 / Sh 1 Yard Signal
Marklin 88031 Passenger Locomotive
Marklin 88135 Class 232 Heavy Diesel Locomotive
Marklin 88353 Electric Locomotive E41 Insider 2018


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