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Today we are proud to announce the last new item for 2016: A giant at over 42 centimeters / 16 inches. A close relative and as impressive as the legendary Big Boy. A converted version with an oil tender with road number 3706 looks like it did in the fifties. The original locomotive had its performance test in a mountain ride in Wasatch mountain, which was commented by its chief engineer with "met the challenge". The name "Challenger" remained for the locomotive. Our model comes with a mfx+ Decoder under the Marklin article number 39911. The Trix article number is 22939.

As Marklin's largest (and nicest) authorized dealer in the US, we are getting a large quantity of these models. But it is a limited production item, with expected delivery in November. Do not delay!


Fall New Items 2016

We just received the new
the Marklin Fall New items 2016.

The Christmas Cars in H0
Christmas Cars in Z are back, the appropriate locomotive for the cars is back, and for 1-Gauge we are getting a Christmas locomotive as well.

Marklin 37899 Christmas Locomotive
Marklin 37899 Christmas Locomotive

Marklin 39054 Borsig 5
Marklin 39054 Borsig 5


Marklin 2016 New Items Video

CS3 intro video (unedited)

Marklin New Items 2016

Marklin has announced their Marklin new products for 2016!

Pre-ordering has started! And you will be able to lock in on the lowest prices, thanks to our factory direct buying power, and enjoy are outstanding service during and after the sale.

Marklin 2016 H0-Scale

Marklin 2016 Z-Scale

Marklin 2016 1-Scale

Trix New Items 2016

Trix new products for 2016!

Trix 2016 H0-Scale

Trix 2016 N-Scale

Marklin new items 2016 (228 Pages, 30 MB)

English: New items 2016
Espanol: Novedades 2016
Italian: Novita 2016
Francais: Nouveautes 2016


Trix New Items 2016
(116 Pages, 19 MB)


Fleischmann New Items 2016

Fleischmann 2016 N-Scale open for pre-order

Fleischmann 2016 H0-Scale open for pre-order

(76 Pages, 8 MB)


Roco New Items 2016

Roco 2016 open for pre-order

(124 Pages, 15 MB)


Faller New Items 2016

(68 Pages, 7 MB)


Faller Neustadt
Faller New Items 2016: Classic Station Neustadt is back!


Mobile Stations
We carry a large inventory of Marklin in our store, ready to ship quickly to your door!



Marklin Tips

Are you interested in upgrading your Marklin locomotives to digital? This Marklin Motor Conversions for Digital page will help you.


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Marklin 20997 Uncoupler Track Marklin Start up
Marklin 23130 Curved Plastic Track R1 6/Pk
Marklin 23172 Straight Plastic Track 172 mm/6-3/4 6/Pk
Marklin 23188 Straight Plastic Track 188 mm/7-3/8 6/Pk
Marklin 23301 Turnout Set for Plastic Track
Marklin 23977 Track Bumper for Plastic Track 3/Pk
Marklin 26602 Kof II + 2 Stake Cars Train Set
Marklin 26603 Bavarian class G 5/5 Freight Train Set
Marklin 36100 LINT Commuter Train w/rechargeable battery
Marklin 36101 Class 212 Diesel Locomotive w/rechargeable battery
Marklin 36190 Railpool Electric Locomotive cl 193 (Vectron)
Marklin 36193 Electric Locomotive SBB Cargo ELL
Marklin 36218 Class 216 Diesel Locomotive
Marklin 36350 Electric Swith Engine cl Ue
Marklin 36624 Class 486 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 36625 Electric Locomotive SNCF cl E 186 FRET
Marklin 36628 Electric Locomotive cl 483 Oceanogate
Marklin 36641 LINT 27 Diesel Pwd Commuter Rail Car
Marklin 36864 OBB cl 688 Tank Locomotive
Marklin 37017 Toy Fair 2016 S 6/6 Steam Locomotive
Marklin 37067 K.W.St.E. Cl K Steam Locomotive
Marklin 37079 Tank Locomotive W.St.E. cl T 18
Marklin 37085 Express Steam Locomotive cl 10
Marklin 37139 Tank Locomotive K.Bay.Sts.B. cl D XII
Marklin 37247 SNCB cl 140 Electric Locomotive with weathering
Marklin 37443 Class 144 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 37464 Electric Locomotive SBB cl 460
Marklin 37529 Electric Locomotive cl 120.1
Marklin 37604 VT 11.5 TEE Diesel Powered Rail Car Train
Marklin 37719 Class 648.2 (LINT) Diesel Powered Commuter Rail Car
Marklin 37728 Class 628.2 Diesel Powered Rail Car Train
Marklin 37776 Class SVT 137 Express Diesel Powered Rail Car
Marklin 37822 Class 221 Heavy Diesel Locomotive
Marklin 37868 Class RBe 2/4 Electric Express Powered Rail Car
Marklin 37935 A.T.&S.F. Mikado Steam Locomotive w/Tender
Marklin 39112 Class 112 Electric Locomotive
Marklin 39186 Diesel Locomotive cl 218
Marklin 39250 Elephant Steam Locomotive w/Tender cl C 5/6
Marklin 39554 Dgtl DB cl 57.5 Steam Freight Locomotive w/Tender Era IIIa
Marklin 39621 Dgtl GN EMD F7 Diesel Electric Locomotive two A units Era III
Marklin 39648 Dgtl DB cl 064 Tank Locomotive Era IV
Marklin 39863 SBB Cargo cl 189 MRCE Electric Locomotive Era VI
Marklin 39960 Dgtl DRG cl 96 Heavy Freight Tank Locomotive Era II
Marklin 40500 DB AG Intercity Express Train Passenger Car 1st class (Start Up)
Marklin 40501 DB AG Intercity Expreass Trains Passenger Car 2nd class (Start Up)
Marklin 40502 DB AG Intercity Bord Bistro Car 1st class (Start Up)
Marklin 40503 DB AG Intercity Express Train Control Car 2nd class (Start Up)
Marklin 41358 K.Bay.Sts. Type CC� Express Train Passenger Car 3rd class
Marklin 41359 K.Bay.Sts. Type CC� Express Train Passenger Car 3rd class
Marklin 41369  K.Bay.Sts. Type ABB� Express Train Passenger 1st/2nd class
Marklin 41379 K.Bay.Sts. Type PP� Express Train Passenger Car
Marklin 42103 W.St.E. Express Train Open Platform Passenger Car 2nd/3rd class Era I
Marklin 42121 W.St.E. Baggage Car Era I
Marklin 42132 W.St.E. Express Train Open Platform Passenger Car 3rd class Era I
Marklin 42143 W.St.E. Express Train Open Platform Passenger Car 4th class Era I
Marklin 42174 SBB Mark IV Dining Car Era VI
Marklin 43114 TEE Add-on Car Set for the VT 11.5 Era III
Marklin 43308 Dgtl DB AG EC Tiziano Type WRmz 135 Dining Car with Sound Era V
Marklin 43309 DB AG EC 9 Tiziano Express Train Passenger 2-Car Set Era V
Marklin 43310 DB AG EC 9 Tiziano Express Train Passenger 3-Car Set Era V
Marklin 43876 DB AG EC 9 Tiziano Type Bpmz 291.3 Passenger Car Era V
Marklin 44108 Add-on Car Set for the ICE
Marklin 44109 Container 2-Car Set
Marklin 44110 Auto Transport Car
Marklin 44114  Bord Restaurant Passenger Set
Marklin 44115  Night Line Sleeping Car
Marklin 44214  Dolomiti Refrigerator Car (Start Up)
Marklin 44403  OMV Petroleum Oil Tank Car Era V (Start Up)
Marklin 44600 DB AG Type Taems 890 Car with Hinged Roof Era V (Start Up)
Marklin 44610 DB AG Talbot Ballast Car Era V (Start Up)
Marklin 44700 DB AG Container Car Era V (Start Up)
Marklin 44811  PUMA Container Car (Start Up)
Marklin 45023  L�sch-Zwerg Beer Car
Marklin 45661 GN American Hopper 3-Car Set Era III
Marklin 45662 American Tank 3-Car Set Era III
Marklin 45805 Type Faccns Bulk Freight 3-Car Set Era VI
Marklin 46027 DB K�nigsberg Om21 High Side Gondola Era III
Marklin 46056 SBB Freight Car Set for the cl C 5/6 Steam Locomotive Era III
Marklin 46128 DB Type Off 52 Pair of Auto Transport Cars Era III
Marklin 46138 DB Type Offs 59 Pair of Auto Transport Cars Era III
Marklin 46190 DB AG Modern Freight Service 3-Car Set Era VI
Marklin 46266 ERR Type Falns Hopper 3-Car Set Era VI
Marklin 46287 DRG Flat 4-Car Set Era II
Marklin 46304 DB AG Type Tds 930 Dump 3-Car Set Era V
Marklin 46317 NS Type Fcs Dump 3-Car Set Era IV
Marklin 46319 DB Type Otmm70 Dump Car with Real Coal Era III
Marklin 46344 SNCB Type Uapps Grain Hopper 3-Car Set Era VI
Marklin 46355 DB Type Ommi 51 Dump Car Era III
Marklin 46373 SJ Type Mas IV Ore 12-Car Set Era IV
Marklin 46458  On Rail Chlorine Gas Tank Car Era V
Marklin 46461 Schenker Rail Tank 6-Car Set
Marklin 46619 DB Quarz-Werke Silo Container Car Era III
Marklin 46626 NS Type Uces Spherical Container 3-Car Set Era IV
Marklin 46806 DR Felsenkeller Beer Car Era II
Marklin 46819 DB Schwaben Brau Boxcar w/Trailer Era IV
Marklin 46870 SBB Cargo Type Shimmns Flat 3-Car Set w/Telescoping Covers Era VI
Marklin 46925 DB Stake 2-Car Set w/Brewery Tanks Era III
Marklin 47000 DB AG Type Res 676 Low Side Car Era V
Marklin 47027  Railpro Type Rejs Low Side 2-Car Set Era VI
Marklin 47048 DB Type Sgs 693 Flat Car for Containers Era IV
Marklin 47062 SNCF Type Rilns Sliding Tarp 3-Car Set Era VI
Marklin 47095 Type Sgns Container Transport 2-Car Set Era VI
Marklin 47144 DB AG Type Snps Stake 3-Car Set Era VI
Marklin 47148 SBB Type Snps Stake 3-Car Set Era VI
Marklin 47213 SNCB Type Shimmns Sliding Tarp Car Era V
Marklin 47217  Green Cargo Type Shmmns Sliding Tarp 2-Car Set Era VI
Marklin 47311 DB Type Gbs 256 Corrugated Wall Boxcar Era IV
Marklin 47319 Type Snps Stake 4-Car Set
Marklin 47323 DB AG Type Ibblps 379 Zentis Refrigerator Car Era VI
Marklin 47324 DB Type Ibblps 379 Refrigerator Car Era IV
Marklin 47329 DB Type Gbs 254 Boxcar Era IV
Marklin 47724 SJ Green Cargo Type Lgjns Container Transport 3-Car Set Era VI
Marklin 48029 SNCB Type Habins High-Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar Era V
Marklin 48054 DSB Type Habbins High-Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar Era V
Marklin 48116 Museum Car Set 2016 - Marklin H0
Marklin 48457 RTS Type Eamos Side Dump 5-Car Set Era VI
Marklin 48535 DB Type Lbgjs 598 Container Transport Car Era IV
Marklin 48772 NS Brouwerij de 3 Hoefijzers Beer Car Era III
Marklin 48778 DSB Type ZB Beer 2-Car Set Era IV
Marklin 48830 DB Type Gmrs Oppeln Boxcar Era III
Marklin 48854 DB Type Gllmghs37 Leig-Einheit Pair of Cars Era III
Marklin 49954 Type 100 Crane Car and a Type 817 Boom Tender Car
Marklin 49955 Car Set for the Crane Car Train
Marklin 55414 Steam Locomotive with a Tender BR 41
Marklin 59035 Curved Track 1020 mm 22 5� (Packing Unit 10 Pieces)
Marklin 60114 Digital Connector Box - 1 Gauge
Marklin 60116 Digital Connector Box - H0
Marklin 60216 Central Station CS3plus
Marklin 60226 Central Station CS3
Marklin 60657 Mobile Station
Marklin 60970 Decoder Tester
Marklin 60973 Pickup Shoe Changeover Circuit Board
Marklin 72211 Freight Loading Station
Marklin 72240 Rerailer (M�rklin my world)
Marklin 72701 Kit for Weihenstephan Brewery Part 1
Marklin 72702 Kit for Weihenstephan Brewery Part 2
Marklin 72703 Kit for Weihenstephan Brewery Part 3
Marklin 80027 Museum Car Set 2016 - Marklin Z
Marklin 80416 Easter Car for 2016
Marklin 81281 Lufthansa Airport Express Train Set Era V
Marklin 81770 DB Commuter Train Train Set Era III
Marklin 82175 DB Type Gl 11 Boxcar with weathering Era III
Marklin 82176 DB Type Gl 11 Boxcar with weathering Era III
Marklin 82177 DB Type Gl 11 Boxcar with weathering Era III
Marklin 82178 DB Type Gl 11 Boxcar with weathering Era III
Marklin 82261 DB Type Gl 11 Boxcar with weathering Era III
Marklin 82262 DB Type Gl 11 Boxcar with weathering Era III
Marklin 82263 DB Type Gl 11 Boxcar with weathering Era III
Marklin 82264 DB Type Gl 11 Boxcar with weathering Era III
Marklin 82265 DB Type Gl 11 Boxcar with weathering Era III
Marklin 82266 DB Type Gl 11 Boxcar with weathering Era III
Marklin 82394 Anniversary Set 1 500 Years of German Beer Purity Law
Marklin 82395 Anniversary Set 2 500 Years of German Beer Purity Law
Marklin 82540 SBB Sugar Beet Harvest 5-Car Set
Marklin 82572 DB Power Shovel Trainsport 3-Car Set Era III
Marklin 86213 Crude Iron 2-Car Set weathering
Marklin 86214 Slag 2-Car Set weathering
Marklin 87502 SNCF Passenger 4-Car Set Era III
Marklin 88134 DR cl 132 Heavy Diesel Locomotive Era IV
Marklin 88145 DB Kittel DT8 Steam Pwd Rail Car Era III
Marklin 88184 DB cl 18.1 Express Locomotive w/Tender Era IIIa
Marklin 88198 Denver & Rio Grande Western EMD F7 A-B-A Diesel Electric Locomotive
Marklin 88785 DB cl V 160 Lollo Diesel Locomotive Era III
Marklin 88805 Toy Fair 2016 cl 218 "City-Bahn" Diesel Locomotive
Marklin 88956 SNCF cl 130 TB Steam Tank Locomotive Era III
Marklin 89806 Kit for Small Maintenance Facility Part 2


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