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Marklin  Freight Car Display wi 12 Type Zans and Zacns Tank Cars

Marklin 00720 Freight Car Display wi 12 Type Zans and Zacns Tank Cars
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Item: Marklin 00720 - Freight Car Display wi 12 Type Zans and Zacns Tank Cars , New item for 2017

Scale:       Era: 

Road: DB - Deutsche Bundesbahn (1945-now)

Country: Germany

  • List Price: $589.99
  • Our Price: $529.98

Prototype: Twelve (12) 95,000 liter / 25,096 gallon type Zans and Zacns tank cars with non-insulated tanks and ladders on the ends. Privately owned cars of different operator companies. Registered in Germany and France. The cars look as they did in 2008.

Model: The cars are scale new tooling. All of the cars have modern type Y25Lsd1 trucks that are new tooling, double brake shoes, and brakeman's platforms. All of the cars have ladders on the ends. The gratings on the catwalks are constructed of metal. Depending on the operator company, the cars have different connections modelled, different arrangements for the dome covers, and different size destination boards. The brake rigging, emptying pipes, deflection bars, and numerous other levers and grab irons are separately applied. The deflection bars are constructed of metal. The VTG cars have separately applied drain channels. All of the cars are extensively imprinted and have different car numbers. All of the cars in the sales display are individually packaged.

Length over the buffers per car approximately 19.6 cm / 7-11/16". DC wheel set per car E700580.

  • Completely new tooling.
  • Modern Y25Lsd1 trucks.
  • Catwalk gratings and deflection bars constructed of metal.
  • Different destination boards and emptying pipes.
  • Numerous separately applied levers and grab irons.

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UPC or EAN: 4001883007205 - Marklin 00720

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Marklin 00720 Freight Car Display wi 12 Type Zans and Zacns Tank Cars  

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