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Marklin  Ardelt 57 Metric Ton Steam Crane

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Item: Marklin 49570 - Ardelt 57 Metric Ton Steam Crane, New item for 2018

Scale:       Era: 

Road: DB - Deutsche Bundesbahn (1945-now)

Country: Germany

Delivery: Expected to start 4th Quarter
  • Our Price: $1,069.88

*New item for 2018

This item has not yet been released
You can pre-order it now. You don't get charged until the item arrives, and we can ship it to you.

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) 6-axle railroad rotary crane car with Ardelt system steam propulsion with a lifting capacity of 57 metric tons, with a crane tender car (converted from a type Rms Stuttgart car) and an equipment car. "Bottle Green" paint scheme for the steam crane. Road number "München 6664". The cars look as they did around 1958.


  • Steam crane car completely new tooling constructed chiefly of metal.
  • DCC/mfx digital decoder with extensive sound functions included.
  • Crane superstructure with its boom can be rotated 360°.
  • Boom can be raised and lowered by means of a pulley.
  • Main hook can be raised and lowered by means of a pulley.
  • Cab lighting.
  • Two working floodlights.
  • Built-in smoke unit.
  • New tooling for the crane tender car.

Model: The crane car has an mfx+ digital decoder and sound functions. The crane superstructure with its boom can be rotated 360° on the ring gear. The boom can be raised and lowered by means of a pulley. The main hook made of metal can be raised and lowered by means of a pulley. The crane cab lighting can be controlled digitally. Two floodlights on the boom can be controlled digitally. LEDs are used for the lighting. The crane car has a built-in smoke unit that can be controlled digitally. 4 support arms can be swung out manually and they can be positioned with spindles on the bases included with the crane car. The smoke stack with a smoke hood can be removed or installed. A counterweight made of metal can be partially removed and placed on the buffer attachment. The crane car has a 6-axle car frame and a crane housing constructed of metal. There is a stake car (converted from a type Rms Stuttgart car) with a guide block as a crane tender car. A former Association Design type G car with end area reinforcement and without a hand brake functions as an equipment car.

The minimum radius for operation is 437.5 mm / 17-1/4"!

Total length over the buffers approximately 146 cm / 57-1/2".

This model can be found in a DC version in the Trix H0 assortment under item number 23057.

Marklin 49570 in stock Marklin 49570 no stock Marklin 49570 is a Marklin new item 2018 that is not yet produced, and is available as pre-order only.

UPC or EAN: 4001883495705 - Marklin 49570

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