Marklin 43353 - Passenger Car Set

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4001883433530

System: 3-Rail AC (Märklin).

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Standard Design Branch Line Cars
After World War I, the newly founded German State Railroad acquired a large quantity of passenger car types, which as a rule had wooden bodies. Standard design cars with metal bodies were developed to simplify maintenance. These cars also greatly increased safety. The German State Railroad focused on predecessor designs for branch line types and purchased the customary two-axle corridor cars with open platforms. At the start of the Thirties, there was another modernization push with the introduction of closed platforms and welded car bodies. These units remained in service on the DB well into the Sixties, often also as intermediate cars for powered rail cars. A few cars have been preserved – among other things on the Bavarian Local Railroad Association and on the IG 3 Lakes Railroad in the Black Forest.

Prototype: Five German Federal Railroad (DB) passenger cars. One type PwPostie baggage/mail car, one type Abie corridor car, 1st/2nd class, and three type Bie corridor cars, 2nd class. Bottle green paint scheme. The cars look as they did around 1958.
Model: All of the cars have factory-installed LED interior lighting and current-conducting couplers. The car consist can be supplied with current from the steam locomotive, road number 78 1002 (item number 39782) using the built-in current-conducting couplers. The interior lighting can be controlled digitally from the locomotive. One 2nd class car has built-in marker lights. Total length over the buffers approximately 75 cm / 29-1/2.

One-time series.

The steam locomotive to go with this car set is offered under item number 39782 exclusively for the MHI.

EAN/UPC: 4001883433530