Roco 78259 - Diesel locomotive class 106, DR

Roco 78259 -Diesel locomotive class 106, DR

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Scale: H0-Scale

UPC or EAN: 9005033782597

System: AC 3-Rail for Marklin

Product Description

Diesel locomotive class 106 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn.

■ Locomotive of the 2nd design
■ With rain protection roof of the side windows
■ In dark red paint livery with cream-coloured decorative stripes
■ Frost protection covers of the ventilation grilles - can be mounted open and closed
■ Motor stems made of die-cast metal, therefore more dead weight and high tractive power
■ Delicately designed model with many extra applied plug-in parts
■ With switchable headlight or tail light, shunting light and driver’s cab lighting in digital mode
■ With set of etched signs included

The colour scheme of the class V 60.10 changed over the years. The locomotives put into service from class V 60 1097 onwards were painted Bordeaux red and had two cream-coloured decorative stripes. Additionally to the locomotive's roofs and front structures, the upper part of the driver's cab was also painted cream. In the 1970s, the rod-driven diesel locomotives of the class V 60.10 were painted orange like all DR shunting locomotives.

More Information

Manufacturer Roco
Item 78259
Scale H0-Scale

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Country East Germany
Railroad DR - Deutsche Reichsbahn
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 9005033782597

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