Roco  Digital Controller Z21 for Smartphone and Tablets USA Version

 -  Roco 10822

Roco 10822

Digital Controller Z21 for Smartphone and Tablets USA Version

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Product Details:

Scale: All Scales

Z21 is a complete plug and play system and consists of:

  • Operation of model locomotives using a virtual, photo-realistic engineer cabs of various types of locomotives
  • Powerful control over even the largest equipment pools
  • Open, multi-protocol central module for DCC- and Motorola formats
  • Upgrade for existing digitally controlled layouts through backwards compatibility, i.e. multiMAUS
  • Switching of turnouts and electrical accessories
  • Automatic locomotive registration as well as feed-back, i.e. actual speed and turnout settings via RailCom
  • Decoder-Updates for Software and Sound for our ZIMO Sound-Decoders
  • Plug and Play- Hook it up and away you go!
  • Simple connection with Smart Phone using pre-configured WLAN-Router
  • Router with US power supply included

Available connections:

  • 3 times X-Bus
  • Main track for DCC and Motorola, 3A, feed-back capable
  • Separate programming track: for programming, decoder-update, Sound programming, feed-back capable
  • Booster-Bus for Roco-Booster 10765
  • roco-feed-back bus for Roco-feed-back module 10787
  • LAN-Bus, pre-prepared CAN-Bus & LocoNet-Bus
  • the coordinating operation control
  • the Z21 mobile application for the operation of all set components (available as a free download)
  • the continuously expanding number of apps for driver cabs (available as a download)

Designed for:

- Android and Apple systems (Tablet-PC, Smartphone)

- digital DC- and AC locomotives

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