Is your Marklin Sound Car without sound?

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The Marklin sound cars are an easy way to add sound to your layout.

Most of the Marklin sound cars have a 21-pin decoder that is mounted upside down on the ceiling of the car. With rough treatment (for example during shipping), it is possible that the decoder can come loose. A quiet (soundless) car will be the result.

Luckily, it is very easy to re-seat the decoder. No tools are needed. The process is described in the picture tutorial below. We are using a new Marklin 43252, but the instruction can apply for other cars.


Start by pulling the black end piece of the car

Pull the ends off on both sides of the car
You can see that the ends are simply clipped in. This fastening system is used on many (also soundless) passenger cars.

Now carefully pull on the dark grey bottom to open the car

You will see the 21-pin decoder mounted on the green circuitboard. The circuitboard forms the ceiling of the car. This decoder is not seated properly, you can see some of the mounting pins on the circuitboard being exposed.
It is also possible that the decoder has fallen off the mounting pins. In that case, you can lift the circuitboard up, to make the re-install easier.

This decoder is seated properly. Notice that you cannot see the pins.
Just to the right of the arrow, you see one of the tiny LED interior lights mounted on the green circuitboard.
Put the shell back on the frame. Note the 3 windows with the shades drawn, place those in front of the decoder.
The thing to watch for is this tab, it needs to go inside the grey frame. A light push will seat it properly.

Put the 2 end pieces back on, and you are done!

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