Roco New Items 2023 H0-Scale

Dear ROCO model railway fans,

With the publication of this innovations catalogue, we mark the passing of another challenging year. Corona-related developments, but also a war in the middle of Europe have posed major challenges for our entire economy. Sourcing electronic components and transporting our products has not become any easier for us. Massively increased delivery times for components, as well as cost inflations in all areas have forced us to take constant action. We would therefore like to thank you all the more for your loyalty and your attachment to the ROCO brand, which is the greatest motivator for our more than 1,000 employees.

Nevertheless, we would like to present sensational highlights to you once again in 2023! One of these is without doubt the launch of the completely newly developed P8 or class 38 steam locomotive. Due to many requests and wishes from our customers, we have decided to include this model in our Edition range. Its most attractive appearance and a multitude of digital functions in the sound designs are sure to delight you.

With the class 288 double diesel locomotive model, which is also part of the Edition range, we are again fulfilling a wish for many of our fans. Delicate engravings, attached parts as well as two motors or sound decoders are in no way inferior to the large prototype! For Swiss railways fans, a contemporary model is to roll onto the H0 rails with the short version of the class 4/4II . Let's take a look at the Czech Republic and the neighbouring countries, where the class T466.2 diesel locomotives are still in service today. Reason enough for us to set up a monument to this special vehicle.

Since even ROCO models are subject to the passing of time, many of our miniatures are now being produced with technical and optical revisions. Mention should be made here of models such as the Prussian T3 or electric locomotive of the class TRAXX AC1 type. Through constant programme updates, we fulfil our promise of a portfolio that remains as innovative and contemporary as possible. However, we don’t want to reveal all of our secrets, and would therefore like to wish you lots of fun with our innovations!

Your ROCO team