LGB Model Trains

LGB Model Trains

LGB is short for Lehmann Gross Bahn - the "Lehmann Big Train" in German. The company was started by Ernst Paul Lehmann in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1968. It was bought by Märklin in 2007, and it is the most popular garden railway model in Europe and the USA.

LGB caused a revival of garden model railroading in the United States when it was introduced. Production is now located in Hungary.



The first LGB locomotives and cars were presented 40 years ago and since then the real life original has been the prototype for our LGB models. Right from the start the emphasis was on authentic translation of the prototypes into models. The reproduction of many details is just much a part of LGB as working features for play and fun. If nothing else LGB impresses people with its size which makes this adventure railroad so fascinating as a model too. This illusion becomes almost perfect when the trains run through the realistic nature of your own garden – and at any time of the year like the real life original.


LGB Starter Set Garden Railroad

Starter sets

The Big Adventure Starts!

Welcome to LGB! An LGB Starter Set from Ajckids is the perfect way to start the big adventure, always with a circle of track on which that first train runs. Whether its outdoors or indoors: The LGB starter sets have everything for a successful start.

Find the right starter set for you in G-Scale:

LGB Starter Sets

Accessories and Track

Appropriate accessories are of critical importance for the operation of a prototypical model railroad layout. In addition to "basic" track, signals and catenary, transformers and controllers right up to a digital multi-train control system provide the right train operations even on the largest of layouts.

LGB Track



LGB Narrow Gauge Trains

LGB Narrow Gauge Assortment

The overwhelming majority of the LGB models is produced in G Scale and is thereby 22.5 times smaller than the real life prototype. This number at first glance seems rather contrived, but it offers a critical advantage. Models of narrow gauge railways in this scale can be realized in a size that allows even small details to be reproduced in such a size that they have the necessary sturdiness even for real garden railway operations.

LGB Narrow Gauge Locomotives

LGB Narrow Gauge Cars



LGB Trains

LGB Standard Gauge Assortment

In addition to the broad assortment of narrow gauge models, fans of current railroad operations have always asked for standard gauge models. LGB has issued a small assortment of locomotives and cars from the legendary V 200 to modern powered rail cars. This allows you to model modern railroad operations for different railroads. In a respectable size, of course, as always with LGB.

LGB Standard Gauge