Marklin 5625 schematic

Marklin 5625 Turnout Motor for 1-Scale

This article shows you how to connect the Marklin 5625 turnout motor, used in 1-Gauge, to a controller.

Wire and Plug colors

When you start wiring turnout motors, it helps to adhere to Marklin’s wiring colors.

  • Yellow is used as the neutral return for the turnouts, while the blue wires are used for the switched side of the turnout motors.
  • The blue wires are connected to switches (momentary contact, so that the turnout motors do not burn out), or to special digital decoders, that take the function of the switch boxes.
  • The blue wire that will move the turnout to the straight position gets the green plugs at the end.
  • The blue wire that moves the turnout to the curved position gets the red plugs at the end.

Use with digital decoders

You can also use a digital decoder to control the 5625 turnout motor.

A K-83 or M-83 style turnout decoder like the Marklin 60832 can control up to 4 of the turnout motors. The turnout decoder gets the power and digital signal from the track, and in turn powers the yellow and blue wires of the turnout motor.

Each of the four sets of three sockets are assigned the order 1 through 4 beginning at the lower left of the unit and moving in a counter-clockwise order.

The first turnout would have the yellow connect to the center position (marked "1"), the blue wire to set the turnout straight goes to the green screw connector, and the blue wire to set the turnout to curve on the red screw connector.

Turnout motor Marklin 5625


Blue wire Marklin 7101


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