Connecting the Marklin (60174/60175) Booster

Connecting the Marklin (60174/60175) Booster

I have a question about the Booster/Central station connections. The instructions tell me to divide the layout into two sections. Ok. Does the Central station and booster work as one? How do I power the other half of the layout? Red/Brown to a separate transformer or back to central station?

The Marklin 60174 booster instruction booklet, should help you.

The layout itself must be separated into planned power consumption areas. The different power consumption areas must be separated from each other electrically. This means that the contact for the center conductor must be isolated in H0 track at the transition points between power consumption areas. Both of the running rails at these points must remain connected to produce a “common ground“.

You isolate the center track only. Do this on both sides of the isolated (booster) area. I would test this by running a locomotive into your isolated (booster) area. The train should stop and be without power. You use the Marklin 74030 insulators to isolate the C-track.

Marklin 74030 – Track insulators

For the next step, unplug power, all transformers and switched mode power packs connected to the layout must be unplugged from the household current before connecting the Booster to the layout. Each Booster and each Central Station must be connected to its own switched mode powerpack / transformer.

Plug the Booster into the Central Station at the socket marked “60173“ and connect the Booster to the track with the wire included with it. The previous booster is the 60173. It is very similar in function to the 60174 and 60175, and these instructions can be used for the 60173 as well.


Make sure when making the connections that the red wire (B) is connected to the center conductor (B) (The assignments for the wires must be the same as for the Central Station!).

If you want to operate additional 60174 Boosters with the Central Station, then you can connect the 60125 Terminal to the Central Station and connect up to four Boosters to each Terminal.


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