Upgrade of a Marklin Alco Diesel

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One of our great customers, Eric, shared his experiences of upgrading one of his Marklin Alco Diesel Locomotives. In this particular case he used his Marklin 29570 NYC diesel.

He replaced the decoder with the new Marklin 60976 decoder. This decoder has several extra function outputs.

Cab Lighting in Marklin Alco Diesel

With small LED's and in-line resistors (Eric used 1K Ohm) to drop the output voltage of the decoder Eric added additional lights inside the shell. He writes:

   "I used a yellow LED for the cab lighting.

I also never really noticed but on the NYC locomotive there are
rear plastic port holes.  So, I put a white LED in the rear of the
locomotive right above the decoder.    The white LED lighting now
shines thru the port holes.   There is also a port hole on the “rear door”
of the locomotive.     So now there is some rearward facing lighting.
     The LED placement for the cab lighting was a little tricky because
there is not much room, but it worked out excellent.
    What also is cool is with the new decoder I can control each LED
individually.    Very nice!"

Below are some more pictures of his work. Thanks for sharing Eric!

Marklin 29570 Alco NYC

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