Faller 130158 - Air rescue station

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New for 2022.

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Scale: H0-Scale

UPC or EAN: 4104090301583

Product Description

Ready for action around the clock. Modern air rescue base for ambulance and rescue flights, consisting of a helicopter hangar for maintenance and mission preparation, office building with operations centre, utility and common rooms for the crew, plus a model EC 135 helicopter**. Accessories for the design of the rescue base, including a mobile platform, windsock, antennas and a fuelling station included.

Moving miniature worlds. The highlights of the model are various movement functions that mirror the sequence of operations: when the enclosed switch is pressed, the hangar doors open, the platform and helicopter move out, and the rotor blades of the helicopter start to turn. When the switch is pressed again, the rotor blades slow down and stop. The platform and helicopter can be moved back into the hangar and the doors closed. A warning light flashes if the doors and the platform are moving.

Drive parts, control unit, three motors and a switch are included in the kit. For connection to 5 V DC. Operates using the FALLER 50 VA 50-60 Hz "Transformer", Art. 180641 or "USB 2.0 cable, type A plug on the open end, 2 m", Art. 180731 for power supply via an existing USB port.

**Please note that the illustrations of the helicopter type EC 135 are a sample.400 x 264 x 112 mm (convert mm to inches by dividing with 25.4)

More Information

Manufacturer Faller
Item 130158
Scale H0-Scale

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Era VI
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4104090301583


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