Roco 78801 - Diesel locomotive 236 216-8, DB

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Scale: H0-Scale

UPC or EAN: 9005033788018

System: AC 3-Rail for Marklin

Product Description

Diesel locomotive 236 216 belonging to the German Federal Railways.

■ Design without raised cab
■ Enlarged cooling water expansion tank
■ Additional fuel tanks on the engine front end
■ With switchable shunting light in digital mode

Diesel locomotives of the type WR 360 C 14 were originally operated by the German Wehrmacht for use in strategically important locations. At the end of the Second World War, they were put into operation for many civilian uses.
Although the V 36 continued to run, curiously enough, under the same name in both East and West Germany after the war, they were in fact two substantially different versions of the same locomotive: The DB model featured two additional fuel tanks on the engine front end to increase the locomotive’s range. In addition, the DB V 36 was provided with a DB-type front radiator grille and a cooling water expansion tank on the front end. The side fan grilles were closed up using panelling and there was no side maintenance flap on the front end.
The last locomotive of this type was operated by the DB under the designation class 236 until 1981.

More Information

Manufacturer Roco
Item 78801
Scale H0-Scale

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Country Germany
Railroad DB - German Bahn
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 9005033788018


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