Fleischmann New Items 2021

Fleischmann New Item Releases for 2021


in spite of an unusual model railway year, we hereby present to you our ideas for the year 2021 in this catalogue! At the same time, we would like to thank you for your loyalty and your enjoyment of our N-gauge models!

With the completely new design of the striking double diesel locomotive class V188, we are fulfilling a number of customer request for this massive locomotive. As usual from our current new designs, the implementation of the model naturally corresponds to today's standards.

For friends of electric traction, the completely new designs of the SNCF BB 7200 as well as the Dutch series 1600/1700/18000 will appear. In addition to their contemporary technical equipment with a Next18 digital decoder interface, these models stand out due to their authentic engravings and delicate pantographs.

And there is plenty going on in the wagon sector, too! This year, the newly-designed UIC coaches will finally roll into the shops of specialist dealers. We have also closed a gap in our range with the revision of the EW-IV-coaches and the completely new design of the EW-IV dining coach. As far as freight wagons are concerned, the Type Uahs/Zas tank wagon has been developed as a finely-designed reproduction of this widely-used wagon. The Gbs 1500 covered goods wagon has also been entirely newly developed to roll on N-gauge-tracks, closely pursued by the modern Hbbillns sliding-wall wagon.

We hope to have provided you with everything you wished for! All of these models will be available to order at Ajckids. We would also like to thank you for the numerous entries into our photo competition. You will find the winning photos presented in the catalogue!

We wish you lots of enjoyment with our 2021 innovations!



The Fleischmann new items for 2021, have already been released.

We have the New Items catalog available for you to download in the link below.

We also are listing all the new products for 2021, and our pre-order program will open soon.


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