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Dear ROCO model railway fans!

A truly unusual model railway year lies behind us. And yet, in spite of the difficult circumstances, you have maintained your loyalty to us in 2020, for which we would like to thank you! We would also like to thank the many people who participated in this year’s photo competition. It was by no means easy to reach a final decision, and because our winners are, in our opinion, true masters of photography, we have bestowed four awards this year.

Your loyalty spurs us on to repeatedly develop new and exciting model programs. This has also been the case for the year 2021, which we will be starting with this colorful range in our innovations catalogue. All these items will be brought to you by Ajckids!

For fans of classic steam locomotives, our class 95 Edition model is to appear in a design you will love. This model features dynamic steam in the digital designs, for an even more impressive display during operation. But we aren’t going to rest our laurels on this steam locomotive! In advance notice of what is to come in the year 2022, we present the completely new construction of the P 8 or class 38 steam locomotive. The sheer diversity and implementation of all this model will leave no wishes unfulfilled.

For electric railway fans, we finally have some contemporary implementations of models, the DR class 230 or the CSD class 372. Locomotives of this type are known amongst railway connoisseurs as the “Knödelpresse”.

In the wagon sector, we are to present the Pwgs 41 googs train baggage wagon in a delicately crafted design. This wagon was to be found in countless trains as an accompanying wagon.

And we have also paid homage to Epoch VI with the T3000e double-pocket wagon and the 95 m3 tank wagon. Both models are presented in the usual ROCO high quality in accordance with the latest standard.

We wish you much enjoyment as you discover our ideas for 2021!

Wishing you joy and health at this time, your ROCO team