Marklin 20130 and 24130---what is the difference?

Marklin 20130 and 24130---what is the difference?

Hello Charlie, what is the difference between the curve 20130 and 24130?  

Marklin's C-track item numbers start with 24and have five digits.

For example 24130 or 24612.

They decided to bring out some special combination packs of C-track for our Marklin Startup line. This makes it easier or more attractive for beginning (younger) Marklinists to add track to their inventory. Instead of boxes, a visually more attractive blister packaging is used.

Marklin 20130 versus 24130

These track pieces are identical C-track, but the packaging is re-numbered starting with 20 instead of 24.

This, a package of 20130 contains three actual 24130 pieces.

A 20612 is identical to a 24612.

We sell all C-track in bulk, meaning you can any piece in any quantity. The C-track is also slightly less money when you buy it as the regular 24xxx series.

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