Marklin Z-scale Relay 8947 in reverse loop

Marklin Z-scale Relay 8947 in reverse loop

Is there info anywhere on how to use and wire a Marklin 8947 in a reverse loop to automatically change train direction?

This picture shows how to wire the relay. The contact track 8589 is a direction dependent switch. It sets both the relay, and the turnout in one direction if the train passes right to left, and another direction if the train goes the other way. You can simply reverse the blue wires to the relay if the train goes in the wrong direction (i.e. backs up) when it passes the 8954 insulators.

You can reverse the blue wires to the turnout if the turnout switches to the opposite direction.

Marklin 8947 used in reverse loop

Reverse loop set

Marklin also has a mechanical reverse loop set. The train will stop on the loop, until you reverse direction on your controller, at which point the train will continue it’s journey.

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