Using new Marklin track with old Metal track?

Using new Marklin track with old Metal track?

I have a Marklin HO scale starter set from 1967 when I was a kid. I would like to expand for my grandchildren.

I understand the track has changed. Can I buy new track and transitional pieces to use the old track also?

Your starter set will have the track with a metal roadbed. We now refer to it as M-track.

The Marklin H0-track types which are being used now are the K-track, and the C-track. Both track styles have transition track pieces, so that they can be used with each other, and also with the older style M-track.

Most people tend to use the C-track. It has a roadbed, similar to the M-track. It is very sturdy, and has double electrical connectors. This helps in getting reliable (digital) electric signals through the track.


Marklin 24951 transition track
Marklin 24951 transition track to combine “old” Metal track to C-track.
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