Roco Nightjet New for 2024

Roco Nightjet New for 2024

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The Nightjet of a new generation from the ÖBB

In 2018, ÖBB attracted a great deal of attention on the European railway market by ordering a new generation of night trains. Together with Siemens Mobility Austria, they presented the new vehicle generation based on the “Viaggio Comfort Next Level” passenger coach family only a short time later. Special attention was paid to state-of-the-art technology and collaboration with innovative partners. The specially developed lightweight bogies from the Siemens plant in Graz ensure smooth running and a perfect night’s sleep for the passengers. The final production of the coaches, including final assembly, takes place at Siemens in Vienna. The windows of the coaches have a special surface that makes mobile communications in the train easier.

Roco Nightjet

But the concept of the individual sleeping and couchette coaches alone is completely new in night train operation: In addition to high-quality 2- and 4-person compartments in the sleepers, which among other things feature their own toilet with shower facilities, it is mostly the Mini Cabins that are causing a sensation.

Nightjet Sleeping Car Comfort  - © ÖBB / Harald Eisenberger

Nightjet Sleeping Car Comfort - © ÖBB / Harald Eisenberger

They offer everything you need when travelling: Shelves, a folding table, reading lamps and separate storage facilities for shoes and luggage. Small seating areas in each mini cabin alcove are designed to encourage socialising, which is ideal for young travellers or groups.

Sleeper compartment in the New Nightjet Train - © ÖBB / Harald Eisenberger

 Sleeper compartment in the New Nightjet Train - © ÖBB / Harald Eisenberger

All in all, ÖBB will receive 33 7-piece trainsets, which it will use in Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands, as well as in other countries. Maintenance of the modern trainsets will be carried out at the ÖBB plant in Vienna Simmering, which has been given its own modern maintenance hall especially for this purpose.

Nightjet Passenger Seats  - © ÖBB / Harald Eisenberger Nightjet Passenger Seats  - © ÖBB / Harald Eisenberger

The Roco Electric locomotive 1116 195 “Nightjet” 

From the bogie to the Mini Cabin in the passenger compartment – The model of the ROCO Nightjet impresses in every detail!

  • In new “Nightjet” paint
  • Switchable head/tail light with DIP switch
  • Licensed ÖBB model

Roco Nightjet

The locomotive's previously designed in the Nightjet design have been revised. Instead of foiling, preference was given to painting in the colors of the latest Nightjet version. The starry sky used so far is now a thing of the past.


Nightjet Passenger Cars 

The Nightjet Passenger Car set

New construction!
A complete set of 7 cars

  • Finely detailed models in a scale of 1:87
  • Entire train already fully equipped at the factory
  • Control car front elaborately detailed
  • Multi-part design of the car floors, with separately attached aprons
  • Areas behind the aprons and exposed areas elaborately designed
  • Bogies completely redesigned and accordingly designed according to the Siemens lightweight construction strategy
Detailed bogie covers
  • Specially applied disc brakes on the bogies
  • The area between the car transitions was designed in detail for the first time on a push-pull train. All connecting hoses on the car are attached at the factory and create an almost closed picture in the train formation. In addition, the cars are coupled as close to each other as possible
Correct application of the air conditioning units on the roof
  • Air conditioning structures on the roof are partially attached separately and implemented in a complex manner
  • The rear wall of the driver's cab is designed in multiple colors
  • Multi-part interior furnishings with separate plug-in parts
Mini Cabins with elaborate detail: Open and closed presentation of doors
  • Particularly elaborate painting and printing of the interior furnishings, for example doors or the mini cabins in particularly elaborately printed in the aisle areas
  • Separately attached ladders in the cabins
  • Extra luggage racks inserted into the car
  • Mini cabins designed differently for more variety (e.g. open and closed doors)
  • Extra and flush-mounted train destination displays on the side walls
  • Licensed ÖBB- Model

The Roco Car Sets are available below

The digital versions (5510004 and 5520004) of the car sets also have the following functions:

  • Illuminated train destination displays
  • All cars equipped with interior lighting and current conducting couplings
  • Driver's cab lighting can be switched
  • High beam and special lighting functions can be switched on the control car
  • For more variety in the light image, each individual car is equipped with its own LED board , which is equipped differently. Therefore, each car in the model appears to be “lived up” differently.

The train, as an environmentally friendly alternative to airplanes, is a pioneer in terms of sustainable means of transport. Since the end of 2016, ÖBB, as one of the largest transport companies in Europe, has been operating a dense and attractive night train service with popular travel destinations in large parts of Europe. ÖBB and “Siemens Mobility”, the manufacturer of rail vehicles, will put a total of 33 seven-car sets of the new “Nightjet” into operation over the next few years. They each consist of two seated cars, three couchette cars and two sleeping cars, which impress with the highest level of comfort and a high-quality interior design.

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