Roco 52560 - Diesel locomotive class 2048

Roco 52560 -Diesel locomotive class 2048, Railroad_ÖBB - Austrian Railways, Country_Austria

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Scale: H0-Scale

UPC or EAN: 9005033525606

Product Description

Diesel locomotive class 2048 of the Austrian Federal Railways.

■ Interface PluX22 and LED headlights
■ Delicately designed model with many extra applied plug-in parts

The introduction of the new train "Austro Takt" in June 1991 caused a shortage of diesel locomotives with electric train heating at the Railroad_ÖBB - Austrian Railways, Country_Austria. The Railroad_ÖBB - Austrian Railways, Country_Austria, therefore, procured thirty-four DB locomotives class 211 to use then, the locomotives class 2043 and 2143 for passenger train services. The locomotives motorized with a Caterpillar engine hauled goods trains and provided shunting services in Wels, Vienna North, Amstetten and Krems.

More Information

Manufacturer Roco
Item 52560
Scale H0-Scale

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Country Austria
Railroad ÖBB - Austrian Railways
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 9005033525606


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