Brawa 45535 - H0 Passenger Coach Ciph BBÖ

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4012278455358

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Despite heavy losses, DB still retained a considerable inventory of standard secondary line coaches as well as trailer cars that were derived from them. As was the case before the war, the majority of these vehicles were used between Freiburg, Neustadt and Seebrugg. Otherwise, passenger coaches were usually operated as individual units in the other directorates. In addition to travelling behind combustion-driven railcars, the trailer cars were also often operated in tandem with electric railcars; in order to do so, DB converted the majority into control cars. However, some vehicles remained that could only be used as trailer cars as well as some control cars for combustion-driven railcars. The Nuremberg federal railway directorate continued to remain a paradise for these trailer cars and control cars in the 1950s. On numerous main and secondary railways, the combustion-driven railcar vehicles in the pre-war design complete with combustion-driven railcar trailer cars and combustion-driven railcar control cars ensured inexpensive operation before they were replaced by the saviour of secondary railways – the railbus.

Model Details

  • Wheel sets in toe bearing
  • Brake shoes in wheel plane
  • Individually mounted axle box cover
  • Extra mounted steps
  • True-to-epoch different spring buffers
  • Extra mounted brake system and Wendler-Ventilators
  • Separately mounted axle brake rod
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Fine engravings and rivets
  • Separately mounted lines, handrails and signal holder
  • Originally reproduced, three-dimensional frame body
  • True-to-original interior fittings


Length over the Buffers (LOB) 148,9 mm
Detailed interior included
Interior Lights Order BRAWA-Best.-Nr. 2212
Close Coupler Mechanism included
AC wheel exchange possible
AC wheelset Brawa 2187
AC Pick-Up Shoe BRAWA-Best.-Nr. 2222 is an authorized Brawa Factory Direct Dealer for the USA.

EAN/UPC: 4012278455358