Fleischmann 520902 - Stake wagon, type R (Prussian) of the DR.

Fleischmann 520902 Stake wagon, type R (Prussian) of the DR.

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Scale: H0-Scale

UPC or EAN: 4005575209021

Product Description

Stake wagon, type R (Prussian) of the DR.

The Model:
Low-profile flanges.

Based on:
These goods wagons in use at the end of the 1920´s actually made up about 2/3 of the goods truck fleet of the DRG making them the most widespread goods truck family in Germany. Their construction style comes as a result of the efforts made by the 1909 founded State railway union aimed at standardising the vehicles and simplifying the exchange of wagons between the various Länder (regions/states). Their construction started in 1910 and extended far into the Reichsbahn period. Under the control of the DRG, they were systematically fitted with air braking, even though they held onto the primitive attributes of their humble beginnings, like the spoked wheels and rigid buffers for a little while longer.

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Manufacturer Fleischmann
Item 520902
Scale H0-Scale

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UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4005575209021

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