Fleischmann 739393 - Electric Locomotive Lokomotion/RTC (Sound)

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Scale: N-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4005575193405

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Electric Locomotive 193 773-9, Lokomotion/RTC. Epoch VI. Model equipped with in-built load sensing digital decoder and true to the original sound functions from factory.

■ Roof true to the original model for use as a DAI-Vectron (Germany-Austria-Italy)

■ Model with four pantographs. Reflecting side windows

■ The headlights of the Locomotive can be partially or even entirely switched off with a microswitch

  • The model operates in the international goods traffic
  • 5-pole motor with flywheel.
  • Drive on four axles and two traction tyres.
  • Coupler pocket according to NEM 355 standards and guide mechanism.
  • White and red LED triple headlights that change with the direction of travel.

The private railway company "Lokomotion" designed the Locomotive 193 773 with particularly eye-catching "Zebra" stripes to draw attention to the 150th anniversary of the Brenner Railway. The motif with mountains of the Alps and hints of the well-known crosswalks are the basis of the Vectron design. The surfaces of the Locomotive sides were created by either the company Lokomotion or its Italian subsidiary RTC - one side in German and the other one in Italian language. Both parts of the Locomotive nose are painted in the company's colours blue and red. The exclusive Vectron is intended to be used in the international traffic for several years .

EAN/UPC: 4005575193405