Fleischmann 825814 - 2 piece set tank wagons KVG

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Scale: N-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4005575253789

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Delicately designed reproduction of the fittings and brake system

Separately attached access ladders and platform

Extremely detailed railings and access points

Free-standing lines on tank floor

Prototypical bogie designs

Product description

On railways, tank wagons are used for the transportation of liquids and gases. They are generally filled from the top and emptied from the bottom. In order to avoid tank implosion during emptying, a forced ventilation system is frequently used. This means that a ventilation valve opens simultaneous to the nozzle during emptying. Wagons with this forced ventilation system are marked as such with a vertical, white banderole. The dome cover does not have to be opened for the emptying process. The four-axle tank wagon of the type Uahs (known as the Zas from 1980), was built from the year 1972, featuring a load capacity of 880 hl or 88 m³, and was offered by wagon hire companies in many railway administrations as a private wagon [P]. The wagon was used for the transportation of heavy fuel oil and mineral oil products. In addition to their main field of application in block train traffic from sea ports to inland locations, they are used in wagonload traffic, for example to the unloading points of mineral oil trading companies.

EAN/UPC: 4005575253789