Fleischmann 826214 - 2 piece set boxcars

Fleischmann 826214 - 2 piece set boxcars

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Product Description

Moveable sliding doors Variants without reinforced side doors

With express goods wagon inscription

Both boxcars have brakeman’s platforms

Product description

Covered freight wagons originated almost at the same time as railways themselves, and are mainly used for the transportation of piece goods. In the 1950s, the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DDR) was only capable of catering for the demand for such vehicles through the conversion and modernisation of older G wagons. In 1966, the RAW “Einheit” Leipzig began the construction of a Gimms-type prototype wagon with corrugated sheet metal walls, the interiors of which were cladded with wood. This type was also put into series production at the Gothaer Waggonfabrik from 1968, and was designated the Glmms 14.05 (from 1977 as the Gbs 1500). The welded superstructure, with its striking corrugated side walls, extended down to the lower edge of the frame exterior longitudinal girder, and was connected with the box sections. This meant that the conventional car body supports were no longer required. Most of the wagons were built with reinforced doors. The floors were suitable for loading with fork-lift trucks, and made of pine planks. Until 1983, over 17,000 pieces of the Gbs 1500 design were made. Amongst these were various versions as insulated box cars and express freight wagons. Several undercarriages were equipped with brakeman’s platforms and heating pipes. Due to a lack of production capacities in their own factories, the wagons were also built in Serbia, Romania and even in Spain. Due to their suitability for operation in RIV, MC or OPW traffic, the wagons were also used for transport outside GDR borders, and could therefore frequently be seen in freight trains belonging to other railway administrations prior to the reunification. These cars were still being used after the reunification as part of the DB AG inventory until the late 1990s. They were finally phased out completely in 2007.

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Manufacturer Fleischmann
Item 826214
Scale N-Scale

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UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4005575254571


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