Marklin 29331 - Marklin my world - Santa Fe Starter Set

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Scale: Myworld

EAN/UPC: 4001883293318

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Prototype: Passenger train consisting of an F7 diesel locomotive (A and B unit) and three passenger cars.

Model: The train has a battery drive and magnetic couplers between the individual cars. The F7 diesel locomotive (A unit) and the B unit are a permanently coupled unit with a built-in battery holder. The train has 3 speed levels in forward and reverse, 3 sound functions, and dual headlights. Train length 59.2 cm / 23-5/16".

Contents: The set has 12 sections of curved plastic track (R1), 7 sections of straight plastic track (length 171.7 mm / 6-3/4"), 5 sections of straight plastic track (length 188.3 mm / 7-13/32"), 2 sections of curved plastic track (turnout curve), 1 left turnout, 1 right turnout, and an easy-to-use wireless Märklin Power Control Stick.

A manual grade crossing, a model of an automobile, and 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries are included with this set. The train can be operated in 2 different frequencies (C/D) so another battery-powered train can be operated with this set at the same time.

This set can be expanded with the 23300 Plastic Track Extension Set.


EAN/UPC: 4001883293318