Marklin 29411 - Circus Mondolino Starter Set

Marklin 29411 - Circus Mondolino Starter Set in H0 Scale

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Scale: H0-Scale, 3-Rail AC (for Marklin)

UPC or EAN: 4001883294117

Product Description

The set has a powerful steam locomotive with a metal frame and a digital decoder. 1 axle powered. Traction tires. The cars have Relex couplers for easy uncoupling. Train length 45.3 cm / 17-13/16". Contents: powerful steam locomotive, 1 low side car, 1 gondola, and 1 stake car, all painted and lettered for the "Circus Mondolino". 2 tigers, 2 elephants, 1 animal trainer, and 1 platform made of sturdy, wear-resistant plastic are included. "Circus Tent" cardstock cutout sheet. 12 no. 24130 curved track, 5 no. 24172 straight track, 3 no. 24188 straight track, 2 no. 24224 curved track, 1 no. 24611 left turnout, 1 no. 24612 right turnout, 1 no. 24977 track bumper, 1 base station.

- Newly developed, wireless infrared controller with a base station.

Hurrah, the Circus is Coming! The "Circus Mondolino" starter set opens up all kinds of play possibilities to children ages 5 and above and at the same time promotes the development of imagination, hand-eye coordination, and technical understanding. With the colorful circus train, different figures, C Track, and a digital locomotive controller, the circus gets moving quickly on the rails and sometimes just in time for the next performance. Curtain up and Clear the Ring for the "Circus Mondolino". The circus is can be played with again and again with a lot of imagination, exciting circus acts, and spectacular wizardry. The endless Märklin track allows the train to go on tour through the entire house.

Charlie's Tip: AJCKIDS supplies this set with a Marklin 120 volt / 18 VA transformer for the US market and a wireless infrared controller. The set can be expanded with the attractive "Circus Mondolino" expansion sets and the entire C Track program.

Marklin 29411 Instructions: You can download the Instruction Manual for Marklin 29411 as a .pdf file, at the "instructions" tab above.

More Information

Manufacturer Marklin
Item 29411
Scale H0-Scale (1:87)

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System 3-Rail AC (for Marklin)
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4001883294117

Instruction Manual Download

You can download the Instruction Manual for Marklin 29411 as a .pdf file here:

 Marklin 29411 Instruction Manual

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