Marklin 43256 - D 12 Berlin - Stuttgart Express Train Passenger Car Set (Insider)

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4001883432564

System: 3-Rail AC (Märklin).

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Gauge: H0 Era: II

Prototype: 6 different design German State Railroad (DRB) express train passenger cars. Version as D 12 for the train route Berlin - Stuttgart.

1 type C4ü-23 "Hechtwagen" / "Pike Car" express train passenger car, 3rd class. 1 type WR4ü(39) MITROPA "Schürzenwagen" / "Skirted Car" dining car. 1 type AB4ü-38 "Schürzenwagen" / "Skirted Car" express train passenger car, 1st/2nd class. 1 type C4ü-39 "Schürzenwagen" / "Skirted Car" express train passenger car, 3rd class. 1 type Pw4ü-23 "Hechtwagen" / "Pike Car" express train baggage car. 1 type Post4ü-a German State Postal System "Schürzenwagen" / "Skirted Car" express train mail car. The cars look as they did at the end of the Thirties.

Model: The cars are detailed and full length for the scale. They have underbodies and trucks specific to the car types. The coaches have numbers for their position in the train and train destination signs. The Marklin 7319 current-conducting couplings or the Marklin 72020 / Marklin 72021 current-conducting couplers can be installed on all of the cars. Interior lighting kits can be installed in all of the cars. The mail car comes with factory-installed lighted upper marker lights at one end.

Total length over the buffers 149.2 cm / 58-3/4".


  • Express Train D 12, train route Berlin - Stuttgart.
  • Mail car includes lighted upper marker lights.
  • All of the cars are full length for the scale.

Charlie's Tip: This express train passenger car set is being produced in 2014 in a one-time series only for Insider members.

The class 05 streamlined steam locomotive goes well with this car set and is being offered under item number Marklin 39053 exclusively for Märklin Insider members.

Released in: MHI Exclusive 02/2014

EAN/UPC: 4001883432564