Marklin 47076 - Container Flat Car Set with WoodTainer XS Containers

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4001883470764

System: 3-Rail AC (Märklin).

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Prototype: 2 German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) type Sgns 691 four-axle flat cars for containers. "Traffic Red" basic paint scheme. Each car loaded with 4 WoodTainer XS Containers with covers, lettered for the Austrian firm Innofreight, A-8600 Bruck an der Mur, Austria. Container volume 24 cubic meters / 858.15 cubic feet for optimal transport of bulk freight in terms of weight. The cars and containers look as they currently do in real life in 2010.

Model: The cars have type Y 25 trucks. The flat car floors are constructed of metal with striking fish belly side sills and are partially open as in the prototype. Each flat car is loaded with 4 removable WoodTainer XS containers with covers. Both flat cars have different car numbers and the containers have different registration numbers. Each car and its containers come individually packaged.

Total length over the buffers 45.6 cm / 17-15/16". DC wheel set per car 4 x 700580.


  • New tooling for the WoodTainer XS containers with a cover, with a container volume of 24 cubic meters / 858.15 cubic feet.
  • These cars are ideal for unit trains.

One-time series.

Charlie's Tip: This car set can be found in a DC version in the Trix H0 assortment under item no. 24110, but with different car numbers and container registration numbers.

EAN/UPC: 4001883470764