Marklin 60653 - Mobile Station 2

Marklin 60653 - Mobile Station 2

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Scale: H0-Scale

UPC or EAN: 4001883606538

Product Description

 Same as 60657 but grey.

Gauge: H0, Z and N
Digital hand controller. 11 locomotives can be controlled with direct access. Locomotives can be selected from the built-in Marklin digital locomotive database or from digital addresses. 16 locomotive functions and 320 solenoid accessories can be controlled. There are automatic displays of the function status in the built-in, back-lighted black/white full graphic display by means of self-explanatory pictograms for mfx locomotives and for locomotive selection from the built-in digital locomotive database. The Mobile Station has a built-in locomotive card reader.

A red lighted Stop button is included on the Mobile Station. 1.9 amp power capacity in the optionally available Track Box (60112/60113).

2 Mobile Stations (60653) can be connected independently of each other to the Track Box. When operating a Mobile Station connected to the Central Station (60213/60214) you can access Central Station settings (complete locomotive list for the Central Station, all solenoid accessories programmed in the Central Station keyboard with the designations for the latter). Locomotives and powered units can be run and controlled in the formats Motorola, mfx, and DCC; solenoid accessories can be controlled in the formats Motorola and DCC.

Dimensions 160 x 100 x 39 mm / 6-5/16" x 3-15/16" x 1-1/2".

  • Simple, easy-to-use operation.
  • Back-lit graphic display with self-explanatory pictograms.
  • 16 controllable auxiliary functions.
  • 320 solenoid accessories can be controlled.
  • Built-in locomotive card reader.
  • Easy wiring (plug & play) to the Track Box and the Central Station.
  • Built-in Marklin digital locomotive database. 

Charlie's tips:

  • The 24088 connector track is no longer used. You can leave it as is, but without wires connected to it, or remove it from the layout, and replace it with a 24188 piece of track.
  • ***Do not hook up the old Mobile Station and/or electrical power to the 24088, when you use the new Mobile Station!!!***
  • The Marklin 60113 connector box is needed now. It has similar connections as the 24088 track. So you hook up the Mobile Station to it, and the jack plug from your transformer.
  • If your transformer does not have a jack plug, buy a Marklin 610718 cable.
  • You cannot use the old Mobile Station 60652 together with the new Mobile Station 60653 when connecting to the 60113. The only way to use both controllers is with a Central Station 60215.
  • Out of the 60113 connector box are 2 wires, a red and a brown. They hook up to the bottom of any piece of C-Track. Red wire to the clip marked "B", brown wire to the clip marked "O".

 Released in: New items brochure 2010

Marklin 60653 Instructions: You can download the Instruction Manual for Marklin 60653 as a .pdf file, at the "instructions" tab above.

More Information

Manufacturer Marklin
Item 60653
Scale All Scales

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UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4001883606538

Instruction Manual Download

You can download the Instruction Manual for Marklin 60653 as a .pdf file here:

 Marklin 60653 Instruction Manual

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