Marklin 82229 - Heavy-Duty Transport Car Set

Marklin 82229 - Heavy-Duty Transport Car Set
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Scale: Z-Scale (1:220)

Model: This set has 3 DB heavy-duty flat cars as new tooling, each car loaded with a Leopard 1A1 tank. The heavy-duty flat car bodies are constructed of metal and stakes are included. The tanks are new tooling made of plastic and the turrets can be turned.

Length over the buffers approximately 150 mm / 5-7/8".

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) type Ssy 45 4-axle heavy-duty flat cars, used to transport Panzer tanks. Loaded with Leopard 1A1 tanks. The railroad cars and the tanks cars look as they did in Era III.

New tooling.Car bodies constructed of metal.Leopard 1A1 tank is also new tooling.

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