Roco 15001 - Building Kit Machinery Hall Zollern

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 9005033150013

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Prototype: Nouveau machine shop of a coal mine along the lines of Zollern II / IV in Dortmund. In this world renowned architectural masterpiece, are the heart and lungs of the bill. Here, working the machines that drive over the rope baskets in the wells, and recirculate the air machine, fresh air, the &quot, weather&quot, underground. Model: Finely detailed industrial architecture model as a kit. All components are made of high quality architectural specialty board engraved with laser technology and precision cut. All parts are painted in realistic colors and matte can also be aged for as needed. The roof is removable can be built. Filigree replica of the interior and exterior steel trusses and the roof structure. Particularly large windows provide a view into the interior, which can be equipped with the interior 15005th Length 1120 mm, width 220 mm, height 270 mm.

Maschinenhalle Zollern addition to the technical equipment was then fashionable Zollern exceptionally famous by the beautiful architecture. The highlight is definitely the engine house, built in Art Nouveau style, which was designed by Berlin architect Bruno M&ouml, hring (1863-1929). The design is based on an infilled with brick, iron truss construction. This would also create, as opposed to the planned massive, faster completion of this key structure. The interior is dominated by the reduced typical of the Art Nouveau style elements made of precious materials and the elaborately designed stained glass windows. The curved roof reminiscent of the famous Paris Metro stations, unfortunately, was canceled after an injury in the 1930s, but that today's overall impression on entering clouded by the richly decorated portal at all. The machine hall of Zollern was and is an attraction not only visually, and technically they then presented the Non Plus Ultra: electric mining machines, old days of a rarity in German coal mine operations. With the closure of Zollern in 1966, the valuable industrial threatened to fall, which averted an immediate preservation of the machine hall and thus saved the other buildings. The Zollern is one of the first industrial sites in Germany, a successful examples of museums and cultural replication of abandoned mining operations, have even in the old stockpile, which now serves as a small recreation area, rare plant and animal species are located.

EAN/UPC: 9005033150013