Roco 62887 - Diesel Locomotive Rh 2043

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 9005033628871

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Prototype: Diesel locomotive series 2043 of the Austrian Federal Railways (&Ouml, BB). BB wheel arrangement. Operating mode: approx 1970th Applications: passenger and freight trains.

Model: Finely detailed execution in fir green paint, gray Langtr&auml, ger and impeller. New operating point. 3-peak signal light and 2 red marker. Length over buffers 182 mm.

Charlie's Info: Series 2043 - The universal locomotive of the 1960s A total of 77 locomotives of the 2043 series were delivered in 1964 by the Jenbacher works to the Austrian Federal Railways (&Ouml, BB). Conceived was the diesel, four-axis machine with its low axle load of 15 tons more for branch lines, but they came because of a lack of locomotive from the start on main routes are used. The 110 km / h fast and 1104 kW engine proved to be strong both in freight and passenger train operations in the extraordinary, and is regarded by the Austrian Federal Railways (&Ouml, BB) as a real universal locomotive. As drive motor is a used, developed by the Jenbacher Werke, valveless twelve-cylinder two-stroke diesel engine, for the train heating works a valveless eight-cylinder two-stroke diesel engine, for compressed air production, including for the braking system, is a two-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine responsible. The 3 engines are independent of each other, the power is transmitted by a hydraulic transmissions from Voith. The four locomotives of the sub-series 2043.5 are different from the other locomotives through a speed-magnetic brake, which they needed for the Steilstreckenbetrieb on the mining train. The first locomotives with the distinctive Austrian face were still delivered in forest green, the other machines in the popular blood orange, which coined the railway in Austria for decades. The series 2043, now in traffic red agate, Valousek design the way, is slowly but surely from the new Universaldieseloks Series 2016 &quot, Hercules&quot, pushed into inferior services or totally replaced, and it's only a matter of time until the last of the universal machine 1960 will be gone altogether by the Austrian lines.

EAN/UPC: 9005033628871