Roco 70732 - Electric locomotive 186 906-4, SBB/RAlpin

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 9005033707323

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Electric locomotive 186 906 belonging to leasing company Akiem, rented out to SBB Cargo International.

■ Baptised with the name “Katzenberg”
■ Side walls feature different designs
■ Service in international freight transport
■ With separately attached plug-in parts, in part using etching technology
■ Design with snow plough on the chassis
■ Switchable headlight/tail light with DIP switch
■ In cooperation with Railcolor Design

The Akiem locomotives 186 901 – 910 have run for SBB Cargo International since December 2020, and are mainly used in RoLa transport between Freiburg and Novara. Due to this, all ten 186 locomotives bear the Ralpin AG lettering on one side and a revision of the existing Alppiercer design on the other. The “Katzenberg” emblem created especially for the locomotive depicts the south portal of the 9.38 km long tunnel, which is located just past the Swiss border and has been a part of the expansion project Basel - Karlsruhe since 2012, when it was put into operation. The Katzenberg tunnel between Bad Bellingen and Effringen Kirchen is one of many strategically important tunnel constructions on the North-South corridor of SBB Cargo International and RAlpin AG.

EAN/UPC: 9005033707323