Roco 7500038 - Electric Locomotive 193 110-4 Goldpiercer, SBB

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 9005033064136

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Electric locomotive 193 110 “Goldpiercer” of Railpool rented out to SBB Cargo International.

LED headlights which change according to driving direction (3x white at front, 1x white at rear). In digital mode, light functions can be switched according to the Swiss archetype.

■ Version with special design from the Silverpiercer series to mark the 300th locomotive from Railpool
■ Baptised with the name “Zugersee”
■ Finely detailed model with four roof pantographs
■ Cross-border service in freight transport
■ Free-standing handle rails, in part made from metal
■ In cooperation with Railcolor Design

SBB Cargo International received the first ETCS Baseline 3 Vectron through leasing company Railpool in 2023. Both Vectron from Railpool and ETCS Baseline 3 locomotives are a novelty in Switzerland. A long-term lease agreement was concluded for eight locomotives, which is why five of the locomotives have been given the Alppiercer design typical of SBB Cargo International.
Now the Railpool 193 110 “Goldpiercer” has also been painted for SBB Cargo International in the style of the previous Nightpiercer series. The “Goldpiercer” is already the seventh special locomotive that has been created on a Vectron. Like their predecessors (MRCE Vectron – also called the “Shadowpiercer”), the DACHINL locomotives will be given Swiss lake names. The choice of the 193 110 name “Zugersee” with the special design is not a coincidence, as it is Railpool’s 300th new locomotive, which is why it also has discreet golden stripes.

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EAN/UPC: 9005033064136