Trix 15074 - Modern Railroading Display Set with 10 Freight Cars

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Scale: N-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4028106150746

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Prototype: Different cars lettered for DB Schenker, SBB Cargo, and privately owned cars used by firms. 2 petroleum tank cars, 2 type Ucs silo container cars, 2 four-axle sliding wall boxcars, 2 deep-well flat cars with containers, and 2 two-axle sliding wall boxcars.

Model: The cars have close coupler mechanisms. All of the cars have different car numbers and come individually packaged and marked.

15074-01 to 15074-02. Funnel-flow tank car. ERMEWA and VTG. Length over the buffers 106 mm / 4-3/16".

15074-03 to 15074-04. Ucs der RAR type Ucs silo container car. Length over the buffers 53 mm / 2-1/8".

15074-05 to 15074-06. Sliding wall boxcar. Transwaggon lettered for "Märklin". AAE leased to DB Schenker. Length over the buffers 145 mm / 5-11/16".

15074-07, 15074-08. Deep pocket flat car with containers. CAPITAL, MOL, and UNIGLORY. Length over the buffers 102 mm / 4".

15074-09, 15074-10. Sliding wall boxcar. SBB Cargo, DB Schenker. Length over the buffers 97 mm / 3-13/16".

EAN/UPC: 4028106150746