Trix 15553 - Torpedo Ladle Car

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Scale: N-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4028106155536

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 Prototype: Privately owned car for transporting molten crude iron, used on the German Federal Railroad. Built starting in 1967.

Model: The container is constructed of metal. The car has a close coupler mechanism. The container can be tipped to both sides. The car is weathered. Length over the buffers 212 mm / 8-3/8".

Highlights: Weathered version. New car number.

One-time series.

The main product of a blast furnace is molten crude iron. It is transported in torpedo ladle cars for additional processing in a steel plant. The prototype of our model is an 18-axle special car with an authorized total weight of 360 metric tons. The interior of the container is bricked up to be fireproof in order that the 1,350° Celsius / 2,462° Fahrenheit hot load does not cool down on the one hand and to prevent the container from melting. Three to four of these cars often run in a train. Two-axle empty freight cars are coupled between them to keep from exceeding the permissible load on railroad bridges.


  • Era III
  • Era IV
  • Metal car frame and body
  • With NEM coupler pocket and mechanism for close couplers
  • For adults only

Released in:- New items brochure 2015    

EAN/UPC: 4028106155536