Trix 16351 - Electric Locomotive BR 103

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Scale: N-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4028106163517

System: 2-Rail DC.

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Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) road number 103 003-0. C-C wheel arrangement, built starting in 1965, pre-production series with only one row of vents on the sides.


  • Many sound and control functions.
  • Metal roof conductors.
  • Warm white LEDs for lighting.

Model: The locomotive has a built-in digital decoder and a sound generator for operation with DCC, Selectrix, and Selectrix 2. The motor has a flywheel. 4 axles powered. Traction tires. The headlights and marker lights change over with the direction of travel. Warm white LEDs are used for the headlights. The locomotive has cab lighting and engine room lighting that can be controlled in digital operation. The locomotive has a close coupler mechanism. All of the functions can also be controlled in the SX2 digital format. The locomotive is prototypically equipped with a single-arm and a double-arm pantograph as a special feature.

Length over the buffers 122 mm / 4-13/16".

Spitzensignal · · ·
Lichtfunktion · · ·
E-Lok-Fahrgeräusch · ·  
Lokpfiff · ·  
Direktsteuerung · ·  
Führerstandsbeleuchtung · ·  
Spitzensignal Lokseite 2 · ·  
Schaffnerpfiff · ·  
Spitzensignal Lokseite 1 · ·  
Bremsenquietschen aus · ·  
Bahnhofsansage · ·  
Luftpresser · ·  
Sanden · ·  
Bahnhofsansage · ·  
Kabinenfunk · ·  
Lüfter · ·  

Highlights: Many sound and control functions. Metal roof conductors. Warm white LEDs for lighting.

One-time series.

Cars to go with this locomotive can be found under item number 15545.


  • One-time series
  • Era IV
  • DCC/ Selectrix decoder
  • Sound effects circuit
  • Triple headlights in the front, dual red marker lights rear that change over with the direction of travel
  • Triple headlights front and rear
  • Lighting with warm white LED’s
  • Metal locomotive frame
  • With NEM coupler pocket and mechanism for close couplers
  • For adults only

Released in:- New items brochure 2015    

EAN/UPC: 4028106163517