Trix 23409 - TEE Passenger Car Set

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4028106234095

System: DC 2-Rail.

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Prototype: INOX cars (made of stainless steel) for the Trans Europe Express between Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam (Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam TEE). 2 French State Railways (SNCF) type A8uj compartment cars and 1 type A3rtuj bar car. All of the cars have 1st class seating. Built starting in 1964. Used in the trains "Oiseau Bleu" / "Blue Bird", "Étoile du Nord" / "North Star", "Brabant", and "Ile de France" / "Isle of France", etc.

Model: The cars are a scale reproduction of all of the dimensions without limitations. Minimum radius for operation is 358 mm / 14-1/8" (when there is an unobstructed loading gauge). The cars have underbody details specific to each car. They have type Y24 trucks. The cars have a special paint scheme to represent the INOX finish. They are ready for installation of the 66719 lighting kit. Marker lights can be installed prototypically at one end or the other of the cars.

Total length over the buffers 880 mm / 34-5/8".

70 01 50 (Märklin) AC wheel set. These TEE cars have been designed to be scale without concessions to the clearance gauge. These models can run on curves with a radius of 358 mm / 14-1/8" or greater. Catenary masts, bridge railings or signals must be kept at an appropriate distance from the track however.

The 23409 car set and the 23428 compartment car can be added to the 23408 car set. The right locomotives for these cars are the 22576 (France) and 22577 (Belgium) models. The program of models for the Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam TEE is being offered by Märklin for 3-rail AC.

EAN/UPC: 4028106234095