Brawa 40257 - Steam Locomotive S 2/6 (premium sound)

Brawa 40257 Steam Locomotive S 2/6 (premium sound)
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According to old sources, Bavarian steam locomotives were traditionally painted green with red wheels. They were also adorned with numerous parts such as polished brass boiler rings. In contrast, the chassis was black. The S 2/6&rsquo, s look is perfectly coordinated with the appearance of the other Bavarian steam locomotives. &nbsp,


  • Tender body, chassis and boiler in die-cast zinc &nbsp,
  • Fully mobile tender bogie
  • Reproduction of the model-specific tender bogie
  • Short coupling between locomotive and tender
  • Driver and stoker
  • 5-pole skew-wound motor with 2 flywheel drives
  • True-to-scale reproduction of the underframe
  • Finest metal spoke wheels
  • True-to-scale lenght over buffer
  • True-to-original reproduction of the boiler back wall
  • Driver&acute, s cab lightning (possibility to switch on and off with digital system)
  • Numerous metal add-on parts
  • Perfectly replicated rivets and hatches
  • Filigree reversing gear

Manufacturer: Brawa

UPC or gtin: 4012278402574

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