Brawa 40427 - Steam Locomotive BR 19.1 BB� III AC/SS

Brawa 40427 Steam Locomotive BR 19.1 BB� III AC/SS

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Scale: H0-Scale (1:87)

Product Description

Steam Locomotive BR 19.1 BBO

Road no. 19 166

Although after 1945 only seven 19.1 locomotives remained in the territories of the Western zones, some of them remained in use for a considerable time. Their popularity with the railway staff, particularly in southern Germany, meant that they were even preferred to an 01. Thus, the Treuchtlingen depot operated express trains to Munich until 1951, and the Hof depot also deployed 19 128 and 19 137. J.B. Kronawitter even conducted trials with 19 128, and it was eventually equipped with Witte-type smoke deflectors, they complemented its appearance rather well.

Even the locomotives of the 19.1 class that remained in Austria were returned to the PKP, both by the Americans and the Soviet occupying forces. This process was completed by 1948. What remained were the three locomotives 19 158, 165 and 166, which were directly delivered to the DRB and so considered &quot, German&quot, . They were used by Linz until 1951, and afterward they were stationed in Villach.

Model: Finest metal spoked wheels, boiler, chassis, water tanks and in die-cast zinc, 5-pole skew-wound motor with 2 flywheel drives, link guide between locomotive and tender, illuminated driver's cab, detailed boiler rear wall, spring buffers, train driver an fireman in driver's cab, multi-part lamp housing, 2 traction tyres, spoked tender bogies, variable locomotive-tender spacing, free-standing pipes and handrails made of metal, open view between chassis and boiler, with new smoke deflector.

Charlie's Tip: This model has a Digital Decoder, sound, smoke generator.

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Manufacturer Brawa
Item 40427
Scale H0-Scale (1:87)

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