Brawa 40601 - Steam Locomotive Reihe 178

Brawa 40601 Steam Locomotive Reihe 178

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Scale: H0-Scale

UPC or EAN: 4012278406015

System: AC 3-Rail for Marklin

Product Description

Steam Locomotive Reihe 178 BB&Ouml, In 1898, Karl G&ouml, lsdorf developed a small four-coupled locomotive with a compound power unit for the Schneebergbahn. Two units were built, and they were placed in service under the names &quot, Willendorf&quot, and &quot, Klaus&quot, . The Aspergbahn, which took over the operation in 1899, quickly ordered another eight machines. The kkStB used the vehicle as a model, and had 211 locomotives built in a slightly modified version by 1924. Naturally, the locomotives all featured a Kobelschornstein (diamond-smokestack). Inventories differed slightly, with a corresponding difference in service weight. In addition to Krauss, its manufacturers were Wiener Neustadt Lokomotivfabrik, Lokomotivfabrik Floridsdorf, and B&ouml, hmisch-M&auml, hrische Maschinenfabrik.

After the First World War, the stock of locomotives of the 178 class had been seriously depleted. There were only 66 machines that could be taken over by the BB&Ouml, . Through rebuilding and the acquisition of locomotives built for private railways, they increased the stock slightly to 85 units. In 1938, DRB classified 84 of them as 92 2211 &ndash, 92 2294. Several of them were sent on loan to Leuna-Werke in 1941, and some of them remained in central Germany even after the war ended. 92 2218 was decommissioned by the DR in 1960 in the Cottbus depot. The &Ouml, BB had 50 locomotives in 1945. They were deployed for shunt service and for the operation of ports. Most of them were discharged and disassembled between 1958 and 1968. 4 of these little machines still remain in Austria today. 92.2220 is used as a memorial in Puchberg am Schneeberg, 92.2231 is in the Schwechat Eisenbahnmuseum, 92.2271 is still operational and draws the museum trains on the Schwarzenau - Zwettl - Martinsberg local railway, and 92.2234 is in the Strasshof Eisenbahnmuseum in a dilapidated condition.

Ajckids estimated delivery date: 1st Quarter 2012

Model: Metal boiler, water tanks, chassis and wheels, boxpok-wheels, extra mounted metal handrails, finest paintwork and printing, smoke generator and sound decoder as a retrofit option, true-to epoch lighting, multipart lamp housing, filigree reversing gear, digital decoder-no sound

Please note: When operating this as AC analog, alternating direction of travel not possible

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Manufacturer Brawa
Item 40601
Scale H0-Scale (1:87)

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UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4012278406015

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