Brawa 40725 - Steam Locomotive G 7.1 SNCF

Brawa 40725 Steam Locomotive G 7.1 SNCF

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Scale: H0-Scale

UPC or EAN: 4012278407258

System: AC 3-Rail for Marklin

Product Description

A large number had to be given to the victors as part of the ceasefire and reparations. So, among others, Poland received 142 locomotives and 103 units were delivered to France. As a result, Prussian G 7.1 locomotives were employed in half of Europe after 1918. 680 locomotives had been recorded in the preliminary standardised renumbering plan (&bdquo, Umzeichnungsplan&ldquo, ) of the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (DRG), and 660 were renumbered as 55 001 - 55 660.

Model: AC Digital Premium, no sound, no smoke

Order no. 40724 - 40727

Road no. follows


Model: Boiler, locomotive chassis and tender box in die-cast zinc, finest metal spoked wheels, true-to-epoch lighting, multipart lamp housing, illuminated driver&rsquo, s cab, spring buffers, detailed boiler rear wall, short coupling between locomotive and tender, per- fectly replicated back boilerplate, filigree rods and coupling rods, precise printing, pipes and extra mounted parts in low material thickness, digital version with glowing of the ash container, movable valve gear inside the frame, closed front end, exchangeable part and coupler pocket enclosed&shy, .

More Information

Manufacturer Brawa
Item 40725
Scale H0-Scale (1:87)

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Country France
Country Germany
Era II
Railroad DRG - Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft
Railroad SNCF - National French Railways
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4012278407258

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