Brawa 41314 - Diesel Locomotive V 320 DB (dual sound)

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4012278413143

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Diesel Locomotive V 320 DB

According to the design program drawn up by the Bundesbahn Central Office (BZA) in the 1950s for the procurement of new locomotives, there was also a 6-axle diesel locomotive for heavy duty passenger and freight trains. The 160 kph locomotive equipped with two 1800 HP diesel engines was commissioned in January 1963 and provided good service. As electrification progressed, however, no further locomotives of this class were required and so the locomotive remained the only one of its kind.

Model: Sound version equipped with two sound decoders and speakers, metal chassis, extra fuel lines and supports, metal drivetrain halves, engine driver, reproduction of cooling fan, perforated ventilator grill, finest printing and lacquering, extra steel springs (bogie)

DELIVERY DATE: 3rd Quarter 2011

EAN/UPC: 4012278413143