Brawa 42913 - Diesel Locomotive BR245 DB AG, VI, AC Digital BASIC+

Brawa 42913 - Diesel Locomotive BR245 DB AG, VI, AC Digital  BASIC+

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Scale: H0-Scale

UPC or EAN: 4012278429137

System: AC 3-Rail for Marklin

Product Description

Diesel Locomotive BR245 DB AG, VI, AC Digital BASIC+

Road no.: 92 80 1245 024-5

Item no. 42910
Direct current Analogue BASIC+
Prepared for locomotive sound
Delivery date: Q II 2020

Item no. 42912
Direct current Digital EXTRA
Integrated locomotive sound
Decoder Doehler & Haass
Delivery date: Q II 2020

Item no. 42913
Alternating current Digital EXTRA
Integrated locomotive sound
Decoder Doehler & Haass
Delivery date: Q II 2020

Length over buffer in mm
Navigable minimum radius 360 mm
2 wheels with fiction tyres
Locomotive has flywheel drive
Triple headlights and two red taillights alternating with the direction of travel
With interior lighting
The model has a coupler pocket but no short coupling cinematic


  • Attached grip rails (head end)
  • Illuminated train destination display
  • Top-quality printing and painting
  • Driver's cab lighting
  • Prepared for sound, or with sound installed
  • Etched treadplates
  • Incl. snowplough
  • LED lighting
  • Windscreen wipers attached individually
  • Different design of the train compartments
  • PluX22 interface
  • Driver's cab lighting switchable like the original
  • Long-distance headlights raise like the original
  • Smooth, steady setting off even at speed level 1
  • Setting off and braking delay like the original
  • Optimal power consumption
  • Chassis with free view and details true to the original
  • Simple, cable-free dismantling of the housing possible as well as non-twist locking lugs
  • Roof sections true to the different versions with 2 or 4 pantographs
  • True-to-original rest position of the pantographs
  • Metal frame


Driving function
Light change
Tail lights separately switchable 1)
Driver cabin lighting 1)
Shunting lights 1)
Long-distance headlights 1)
Destination indicator (model dependent)
Light setting programmable for analogue operation
Digital interface PluX22 PluX22 PluX22
Additional information
  • Optimised light controlfor driving and shuntingmodes
  • Subsequent conversionfrom analog to digital viaPluX22 interface possible
  • Easy decoder installationwithout extensive reprogramming;all significantvalues for the control ofthe light for instance canbe found on the maincircuit board and do notdepend on the installeddecoder
  • Optimised light control for driving and shunting modes
  • Latest sound technology and excellent sound quality
  • Compatible with and programmable in all common digital systems (DCC, Motorola, SX1 and SX2)
  • Improved motor and load control

1) Function only available in digital mode




In April 2011, Deutsche Bahn AG and Bombardier Transportation signed a framework contract stipulating the delivery of up to 200 units of new TRAXX P160 DE ME locomotives. The locomotives, a reclassification of the 245 series, are intended to replace the large diesel locomotives from the 218 series that had become aged. The diesel-electric locomotives are equipped with four diesel engines (ME – Multi Engine) that drive four generators to create power that, in turn, supply the traction motors via the converters. The diesel motors switch on or off automatically depending upon the required output of the locomotives. Hidden behind this is a reduction in the idling time of the motors, which has a positive effect upon fuel consumption. Therefore, this concept is ideally suited to the new ecological and sustainable environmental concept of Deutsche Bahn AG.

Thanks to the derivation from the TRAXX family, approximately 70 % of all utilised components are compatible with the existing TRAXX locomotives. The 245 series is assembled and constructed in the former Henschel & Sohn plant in Kassel, Germany, that today belongs to Bombardier. Large components such as locomotive bodies and chassis are supplied from the Wroclaw and Siegen plants, amongst others. The supply of the first batch of 20 locomotive for DB Regio was requested directly upon the signing of the contract. The new locomotive series was officially presented at InnoTrans 2012 in the shape of the 245 003-9. The first models of the 245 series will be based at DB Regio in Kempten and Frankfurt am Main and have already successfully completed initial trial runs.


More Information

Manufacturer Brawa
Item 42913
Scale H0-Scale

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Country Germany
Era VI
Railroad DB AG - German Bahn
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4012278429137

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