Brawa 43844 - H0 Electric Locomotive BR 187 RheinCargo

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4012278438443

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The product designation TRAXX 3 from Bombardier Transportation reflects the continued development of the well-known TRAXX 2 locomotives of the 146 and 185 series. The new vehicles include the 147 series, for passenger and long-distance traffic, and the 187 series for goods traffic. In addition to the changed appearance of the front, which now consists largely of GRP parts, customers can order a last-mile module for the TRAXX 3 platform if desired. This allows these vehicles, which are designed as electric locomotives, to run on short sections of track or perform shunting work independently with a diesel engine or under battery power. The first test drives with the new TRAXX 3 locomotives took place shortly after their unveiling in 2011. Thanks to many smaller and some large orders, including a framework agreement for 450 units with DB AG, well over 200 locomotives of the TRAXX 3 platform have been delivered to customers to date and are currently in service throughout Europe.

Model Details

  • New case with ribbed side panels
  • New front
  • Illuminated train destination display
  • Etched treadplates
  • LED lighting
  • Windscreen wipers attached individually
  • Traction tyres
  • Driver's cab lighting switchable like the original
  • Long-distance headlights raise like the original
  • Smooth, steady setting off even at speed level 1
  • Simple, cable-free dismantling of the housing possible as well as non-twist locking lugs
  • True-to-original rest position of the pantographs
  • Setting off and braking delay like the original
  • Metal frame
  • Many attached grip rails
  • Chassis with free view


Length over the Buffers (LOB) 217,2 mm
Recommended Minimum Radius 360 mm
Decoder Interface PluX22
Traction Tires 2
Flywheel included
Directional Lights Triple Headlight & two red taillights with directional change-over
Interior Lighting included
Close Coupler Mechanism included
Sound included
Decoder (Döhler+Haass) included is an authorized Brawa Factory Direct Dealer for the USA.

EAN/UPC: 4012278438443