Brawa 46252 - Luggage Car MPw4ie-50 DB III [2]

Brawa 46252 Luggage Car MPw4ie-50 DB III [2]

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Scale: H0-Scale

UPC or EAN: 4012278462523

Product Description

After the war, there was a major lack of luggage Cars for highspeed long-distance trains. However, the young DB decided to use the available money to construct new passenger carriages and to solve the luggage Car problem through conversions. In order to do so, it used approximately 600 substitute passenger carriages that remained in its inventory. Passengers could not be expected to travel in these Cars due to their interior fittings and their mediocre running properties. Two of these car bodies were connected, equipped with a strut bracing and placed on two American-design bogies. The approximately 290 luggage Cars that were produced in this manner from 1950 onwards were given the MPw4ie-54/55 and MPw4yg-57 designations. Although the first Cars were only equipped with the open entrance platforms from their donor carriages, they were quickly replaced with a �transfer tunnel� in order to offer a transfer to the next Car whilst also being protected against the elements. This transfer was also then equipped with a rubber bulge in order to connect to modern Cars. DB arranged for numerous medical and auxiliary equipment cars to be built using the same construction principles. To begin with, the Cars were first used in the premium high-speed train service. However, they were then moved to express goods and district services upon the emergence of new Cars. Some Cars were given additional equipment for the transport of freshly-hatched chicks and travelled in express trains between Italy and Germany. Numerous Cars that were given the designations MDyg-986 and -996 from 1966 onwards were further modernised and equipped with panel walls and new rubber-mounted windows. These Cars also remained in use in this design after 1989 and were also used in the DR (German Railway) area for the transport of express goods. The use of these Cars was halted suddenly in 1992 following a tragic train accident. A buffer fell from a track maintenance Car causing 14 goods Cars to derail with which an approaching express train collided. The cause was material fatigue on the console upon which the buffers were fastened in order to create space for the access platform. Consequently, all Cars equipped with such consoles were removed from service and only those that had to be used were refurbished. This affected the auxiliary equipment cars built on the same principle but did not affect the MDyg.

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Manufacturer Brawa
Item 46252
Scale H0-Scale

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Country Germany
Railroad DB - German Bahn
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4012278462523

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