Faller 180667 - Lighting fixture LED, warm white

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EAN/UPC: 4104090806675

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Lighting fixture LED, warm white.

Improved! A better color temperature and luminous efficiency as well as a larger angle of radiation ensure a particularly homogeneous illumination of building models.
Essentially a warmer light that spreads all the way around. In FALLER kits the optimized cap accurately adapts to the provided holders. 12-16 V, AC/DC. Current input: up to 15 mA Charlie's Tip: Your old transformer works perfect to power your lights. You can even use the track output for lights, the speed control knob would become your dimmer switch. When using LED's, you can set the speed control to the lowest setting at which the LED's still operate (They typically do not dim).

EAN/UPC: 4104090806675