Fleischmann 714505 - Steam locomotive 01 102, DB

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Scale: N-Scale

UPC or EAN: 4005575259262

Product Description

Steam locomotive 01 102 belonging to the German Federal Railways.

New design 2023!

■ Design of fourth construction lot featuring reinforced brakes
■ Running bogie with 1,000 mm running wheels
■ Boiler in original design
■ Witte smoke deflectors
■ Use in high-quality express train transport
■ Tender 2’2’ T 34
■ Unobstructed view between boiler and chassis
■ Driver’s cab and valve gear lighting installed, switchable in digital mode

The twin-cylinder engines of the class 01 are considered the first express train locomotives to be produced in accordance with the standard construction programme. After the Second World War, the DR maintained the original design with the large Wagner smoke deflectors and the air and feed pumps in the smoke chamber niches. The DB, on the other hand, shifted these over the course of time to the centre of the vehicles to facilitate a better view of the line. Almost at the same time, they replaced the large smoke deflectors with the Witte smoke deflectors and changed most of the running boards.
The first construction lots were equipped with leading wheels of 800 mm diameter and approved for 120 km/h. From 01 102, 1,000 mm leading wheels were used and the brakes reinforced, thus the allowed maximum speed could be increased to 130 km/h.
Until 1939, the locomotives ran with the riveted tenders of the 2’2’ T 32 design. After that, the new deliveries received the welded 2’2’ T 34 tenders, and the locomotives already in service were gradually converted as well.

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Manufacturer Fleischmann
Item 714505
Scale N-Scale

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Country Germany
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4005575259262


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